struggling and always be

not my legs... mine are slim but not that long...

aiyo..... dun't know how to start. Biasalah masalah pompuan always struggling with weight problem!!!! since i decided to be slim (that was about 5 years ago... i think...) until now, that is the major things in my brain.

the only time i did not think about being slim is when i was pregnant (that was 1 and a half year ago...) i go through the whole pregnancy without thinking of being fat (because i know it will be no matter what) but, maybe because it's already become a habit, i still counting the calory intake!!! haha...

right after delivered the baby (that was 7 month ago ya) the first thing i did when reach home is step up on weight scale and make a new target. Of course the target must be "logic" and "can be reach"... my weight that time is 48kg (quite scary coz the meter almost reach the number 50..) so i set the target 45kg.

losing weight after pregnancy is the most critical part. You have to eat right to recover your body from labour experience, you also have to eat healthy to produce milk (to breastfeed also require at least 500 calory per day), so you need more healthy food to give you more energy to cope all that. (dun't forget all the new role that you have to cope now.... really tiring and overwhelming)

At the same time, you cannot exercise just yet!!! only light floor exercise advisable and experts say only start normal exercise after 3 to 4 month after birth. This is to make sure your felvic floor and other inner body ready completely for all this major exercise.

to make it short, getting slim after pregnancy is about slow and steady. no rush and no pain.

HOWEVER, i manage to go through all this, and i prove it to the world that i can get a pre-pregnancy shape again!! i am now slimmer and slender.

you go girl!!!!

oh, ya.... 1 more secret of losing weight...............................BREAST
You lost about 500 calory just by giving her/him the best nutrition ever. Macam serampang 2 mata la kan... dua-dua dapat benefit. haha.. (betul2 promote breastfeeding ni. it's a miracle of being a mother).

hoping that it will be my picture? haha.... mimpi la....


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