sooooo bad mood :(

shame on me... after a long rest and holiday, i start my blog with sad. sooooooo sad......... no other words. no explanation.... nothing.

I'm lost

i'm alone

i'm cold and wet.....

i'm hopeless...

no matter how hard i try, things are getting bad and bad... even worse

the only thing that make me smile........................................ my heart, my love, my life...JUWITA AISHA. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :)


The lesson is...
ONE, money could not bring u everything. U cannot buy happiness.
TWO, patience patience and more patience...
THREE, silence is golden
FOUR, have time with myself, take time-out before i explode!!

a bit survey on myself, i realize that....
- i lack of sleep. from last two week until last night i just sleep about 5 hour per night?.. and that is not a straight 5 hour... wake up every 2 hour and find it difficult to continue sleeping afterward.
- im having back pain and lower back pain. which is quite serious, sometime cannot wake up from bed in the morning.
- i lost my appetite. like today, the only thing that went into my mouth is biskut kering and milo (itu pon mcm tak selera je nak telan)
- i feel lost, alone, un-appreciated. most of the time

OMG... am i having a DEPRESSION? right now... honestly speaking, i don't know.

i just thing about how to manage this family and every individual among my family (which is juwita and my hubby). Because no matter hard i try, i still make mistake, i can't be a perfect mother, and i cannot be a perfect wife.


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