she's ohh.. so gorgeous!

first time ever..(maybe) i want to write about my all time adol.. she is gorgeous!!! it victoria beckham a.k.a posh!!

well, some ladies admired angelina jolie..(err... i admire her too! no doubt) but after martha stewart (she's the first), i put victoria on second. credits to her perfecto shape after 3 boys! wallah! she's really work hard on it, and maintain the slim figure for years!!

the nearly-rexic?
what to say... i kinda like that new invented word. At least it sound a 'lil bit healthier... (aneroxic can bring dead babe..nearly-rexic wont'). Just over concious about body shape n count calory on every single thing you put on mouth? nah... we just count calory.. we did not vomit it back like bulimic people... see.. we are healthier tha..ha..ha...

1 pesanan untuk semua yang merancang untuk kurus pada tahun ini... there's no shortcut girl!!!
Don't trust any slimming pills or slimming boutique! band all those!!! all just propaganda.

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