baby sling (alternatives to stroller)

Golden Globe winner (Best Actress in a Television Series: Felicity) Keri Russell's baby sling swaddles newborn baby River.

well... the promo lines is keeping baby close to our heart.

masa pregnant dulu banyak dapat info pasal baby sling, dan perkara yang related dengan baby sling adalah berkenaan dgn perkembangan dan keselesaan newborn itu sendiri.

Baby selesa di dukung dekat dengan jantung ibu. (especially newborn, the sound of mom's heartbeat really soothe her, becoz thats the only sound that she recognize) she lives with that sound for 9 month! Thats why when breastfeed, or their mom carry her, she feel comfort n save. some people (or should i call 'most people') miss understanding about this matters. they thought the baby can smell "bau ibu dia", or "tgn org lain tak sama dgn ibu dia"... well... maybe... only after 4 month onward. For newborn, the only thing that she recognize is her mothers heartbeat!

*pardon me when i only use 'she' refering a baby. becoz my baby is girl. just change to 'he' if u want to :)

ok. talk about baby sling, is better alternative than stroller, i always wanted to have 1 for myself n juwita. Unfortunately, not having a support from hubby at first (with many reason). Until juwita was 10 month plus, i made up my mind!

i know the benefits of baby sling, and how baby sling can improve the baby development and self confident, i know how usefull and easy it is, i also read a lot of review from moms who use it, and not forget to tell you about all the picture of hollywood selebrities who proudly sling their babies!!!

In Touch Magazine shows off celebrity baby slings. Featured: Kate Hudson, Rachel Weisz, Brooke Shields and Gwen Stefani.

what else that i'm waiting for? baby sling is definately full of benefits for mom and baby, stylish and soooo 'in trend' too!!! if angelina jolie and gwen stefani can do it, why shoudn't i?

so, last week i grab my lovely baby sling from moms' care. It's from
i choose the one in pink and green. its a reversible material n very comfy.

right after bought it, i straightly wore it and we rock the world!!! me n my baby become the centre of the eye (seriously no kidding) even few moms asked about my baby sling and wanted to know where i bought it! (i should ask for commision from moms care for promoting their outlet haha...!) i feel like angelina jolie carries shiloh walking on the mall window shoping!!! heh... perasan!

Oscar Nominee (Best Supporting Actor: 12 Monkeys) Brad Pitt's baby carrier: Brad chose a classic black pouch to carry Shiloh. Mom is Angelina Jolie

for who dont know about this baby sling things yet, there are various type of baby sling available in market. mine was the cheapest one (no budget lor) so it got size from S to L to choose. You can see my baby sling from The expensive one should be adjustable and for those who interested, you can get it from

choose one that suits you and your budget! some are very easy, while some are a bit tricky. But all need practice ya! 1st timer might find difficulty to put the baby in there, but practice will do and soon when u realize, baby sling is just as easy as ABC!

as for me, i love all kind of sling! i always dream about someone give me the baby sling from babyloft as a gift! haha.....


Nora said…

Orang dulu-dulu memang pakai kain untuk kendong babies especially batik lepas because it is expandable as the baby grows into toddler. As most moms back then had to do houseworks and fieldworks but couldn't leave the baby unattended they would kendong their babies around. This has been the thing to do for most Asians and only caught up in the west now. Back to basic with a twist I would say...Aunty Nora.
nurulbokhari said…
hot momah.. dah jadik macam angelina jolie ke feeling nyer.. jom arr kuar lepak skali.. nak gak feeling kuar ngan artis.. wawawawawa.. aza pon ada ajak kuar.. nak beli barang hantaran..
Noor said…
chaiyok2!! jom keluar dgn hot mama nih!!!!
Anonymous said…
hye..nice blOg u have here. was wondering.dOes it feel cOmfy to carry your baby with a sling even after hse's more than 8 kg? :)
Anonymous said…
Spacify offers modern Green Baby Sling in organic 100% cotton fabric.
Anonymous said…
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