amalan berpantang selepas bersalin

this is by request from my blogger friend. to miu, vonvon, vivian, shirley ann, and everyone who read my blog... happy reading ya!

1st of all, i'm not a doctor, or bidan, or consultant or anything like that. I'm just a young mother who desperately want my figure back after post-pregnancy, and more over, i want 'it' back to normal again (u know what i mean)

basicaly, melayu, cina, india semua ada pantang... (i dun know about indian-style pantang. does anyone here know about that?). Apa beza pantang orang melayu?
ok. base on my experience, my reading, my research, not to forget from oldies around me, i can conclude this;

pantang merangkumi
1. pantang makan dan minum. Apa yg boleh, apa yg tidak boleh

2. pantang perbuatan. Perkara yg tak boleh buat masa berpantang

3. senaman. senaman yang perlu dan senaman yg tak boleh buat.

4. proses mengurut. 3 hari berturut-turut.

5. proses bertangas/ sangai

6. proses bertungku.

7. pemakaian bengkung

8. mandi air daun/ air suam

9. lain-lain seperti berpilis, mengikat rambut, memakai stokin, dsb..

reason of pantang
1. healing process

2. loose weight & get back in shape

3. intimate issue

phew... panjang nya nak terangkan satu-satu... ni macam kena buat buku pulak. hihihi... anyway, i try to make it as short as possible. short but compact ok?

pantang makan.
- can: eat healthty food (fruit, vege, meat, white meat, protein, carb... and so on). but there's some fruit n vege u cannot take..
- cannot: ice, cold water, cold food even nasi sejuk also cannot, sambal and pedas food, makanan yg berangin (produce wind), oily and fried food, and a lot more (anyone can continue the list?)

- recommended: black pepper, ginger (these 2 very famous), ikan haruan, & anything that will make your body sweat and hot (the main thing is to make your body 'sentiasa panas' and also 'buang angin dalam badan'.

pantang perbuatan
- cannot: buat kerja berat, mandi lama-lama, duduk atas lantai, mengangkang (open your leg too wide ler), too much walking or standing, heavy exercise (only can resume exercise after 3 month onward after pregnancy) and so on...
- reading and sewing also not recommended.

- no-no: having sex

the best part! my favourite hehehe

-can & recommended: kegel exercise, light streatch up and warm up

-cannot: heavy exercise like jumping, running, pull your leg above your chest level also cannot, also any kind of exercise that give too much impact on abdomen

-kegel can start 24 hour after birth (normal birth)

kegel exercise. most important exercise to strengthen & tighten the pelvic muscles

another favourite!

- 3 hari berturut-turut

- urut 1 badan. lega dan ringan je rasa lepas urut tu... badan pun rasa panas je

- to increase blood circulation and also to "betulkan peranakan" or "naikkan peranakan". Bidan will relocate the location of your 'rahim' incase its been dislocated (lari tune) or prolapse. sakit woo.... huhuu

how to explain this....

their main function untuk melancarkan darah nifas (lochia/ vaginal discharge).

bertujuan membuang angin meroyan, mengecutkan vagina, menyihatkan sistem peranakan, membetulkan kedudukan salut peranakan dan mengecutkan rahim.
sumber: berita harian

i bertangas for 1 week, then continue using hairdryer until habis pantang. very good to dry the episiotomy wound and make it heal faster. :)

- using hot stone. to stimulate body senses, heat the body, ease the pain and sore, kecutkan rahim, lancarkan pengeluaran darah nifas dan membuang darah kotor, membuang angin

- to support abdomen and pelvic floor muscles, to slim down the tummy, burn more fat on tummy area, to heat the body.

- dapat merapatkan pintu rahim. ( as told by ibu halimah, jamu mak dara)
- wear it just nice. not too tight ( your pelvic muscles still weak) and not too loose (no effect le)
. wear it from below your breast until below your buttock
-before wear, can sapu your choice of slimming-heat cream (make sure you feel the heat)

- at least warm water. very soothing and ease the pain at the episiotomy wound

- air daun herba also advisable. boleh menyegarkan dan naik seri wajah! ( so tak lah muka pucat tidak bermaya hehehe)

pakai pilis, ikat rambut
- i didn't do it! :P (got short hair ler)


- wear all the time. cold feet is not good..

and... don't forget to breastfeeding!!
very important. it can heal your uterus faster during pantang (faster the better), and you can slim faster if you continue onwards. (breastfeeding burn 500 calories!!)

how long i have to pantang?
normally 44 days. mengurut takes 3 days only, bertangas and bertungku atleast 1 week. can do more, no problem.

some people berpantang for 100 days! (advisable not to pantang on "intimates relation" with hubby for this long. hubby sure lari lor...). you can resume after 44 days onward... recommended after 60days

1 nenek bidan did told me " kalau nak sedap, kena tunggu lama sikit lah! kalau tak sabar, longgarla.." (eww... honestly i feel segan nak type this... but have to, to make sure you all understand the concept of pantang here). Understanding and patience from hubby is the main point. He have to wait if he want a virgin-like wife!

but remember, not to long dear... after all, its all worth! (just tell him like that laa...).

modernization in malay pantang
nowaday, pantang become easy la... no need to remember all the thing i wrote here.. if you pantang all by yourself, a lot of product in market will help you. just to name a few; nona roguy, sendayu tinggi, felisa confine mom, and so on...


you can do like me... i just enter myself to 'pusat rawatan wanita lepas bersalin' and they will prepare everything for you! from A to Z.. you just have to follow . they will take care of you :)


if you have any question, kindly can ask me. if i cannot answer, i will ask the expert, ok...

phew... finish already... very long post and take really long time... but really informative noo? i hope this post will give some picture about malay pantang for you all... tired already.. daa...


pakude said…
wahhh...nasib baik lelaki tak payah bersalin...hihi
Tammy said…

almost 80% of the things should not do and should do scares me.

no.1 i love pedas food!
no.2 i love cold drinks! not cold, is not a drink!!! sob sob
no.3 whattt is it painful for the massage back to place the rahim?? sound like so sakit?!
no.4 whatttttt whattttt is the hairdryer for???? how to do it?? open kaki n hair dry the wound?? @_@ omg i am getting nervous..

WARRGhhhh banyaknya pantang!! i duno whether i can survive it or not?? if masuk the hospital/clinic jaga u wan how much to pay?? sob sob.. i dun think 3 months holiday also enough sob sob....
Ong Mie said…
- only eat steam punya food ? grill can ar ?
- bertangas - bagaimana itu process ler ? sakit kah ?
- berbengkung...ini lepas lahir baru terus buat kah ? if C-sec boleh terus buat kah ?
- i kena cari cari if area i ade tak bidan for this..
Anonymous said…
kenapa guna bahasa campur2...kalo guna sume english kan lagi mudah nak paham...
cikgu sidah said…
minta izin copy bbrp gambar and statement ye. tq

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