i'm falling in love with stila

nope, its not a person (don't u ever think i'm a lesbo)... its a make up brand! well, i guess u all heard about this make up b4 rite.. actually i've been eyeing their lipgloss for ages! there are soo adorable n delicious, but their price make me step back! haha...

i have a blogger friend who is crazy about stila (http://plusizekitten.blogspot.com/) and she (her name is miu) always give a nice review about this make up range and really, it open my eyes n my heart! still, i'm not gonna buy it (even though i love to see the product n review from her, the price is still an issue to me!)

lately, stila is having a massive clearance (sadly to say, they are going to close their outlet in malaysia). So, most of the item now (or maybe all) is about half price and even 70% off!!!! OMG!!!I think this is the right time for me to grab some of stila stuff.

their product are very nice, and i love it! I start falling in love with it! (1 of the reason is bcoz the price now is sooo low that i'm comfortable to buy it without starving for whole month! haha..)

check out some of the marvelous product from stila that i love

their famous stila smudge pots. best for smokey eyes effect.

Stila's illuminating tinted moisturiser. been eyeing this! good review from user.. sadly she said it's sold out ady.. :(
one of their best product! stila convertible eye color. its 3 in 1 eyes makeup for day to night look! brilliant!

all picture credits to http://plusizekitten.blogspot.com/ . thx miu!
you can browse her blog for detail of the product and product review.
she also provide personal shopper resque!!! isn't it great!!!! yeahh!!!!


Hi anggun, so any of your stila haul dat u'd like to show? I pn tgh gile stocking up stila. Heheee. LOVE d lipglaze n It Gloss!

BTW, u're a mum? Whoa barely 25, yet da jd wife n mum. Salute u girl. I nie, nk msk 24 haprak pn tatau pasl parenting. Ngeheee...

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