Juwita received her 1st parcel ever!

for her 1st birthday, she received her 1st parcel in her life! it was sent by uncle wahid far far away from UTP (manjung perak). theehehe... it's a gift... a birthday gift...

thinking back, i wonder my age was when i got my 1st parcel... nahh... not in my memory. but surely not as young as 1 year old! :P

a parcel from far far away : it stated 'juwita aisha bt mokhtar mizi' on 'nama penerima' : wrap with padini plastic bag?!

do you guys wish to know what's inside the box? i will show you later...

on my next post!



miji said…
dah tau dah menda ape....hihi..
warm welcome said…
dah tau diam2 je la... hehe... ni utk org yg tak tau lagi...
whuts in the parcel???
ada sequel la plak~~~

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