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mood swing + homesick!

lately i feel very moody. sekejap good mood, tak lama tu mesti bad mood balik. Small-small detail pon boleh buat temperature naik.

mulut ni rasa nak mengunyah ajer! perut ku pon dah buncit!!! @_@ seminggu dua ni penuh dengan undangan makan... makan pulak tak boleh berhenti. senaman pon dah skip lama... malas jer rasa nak mula senaman tuh.. uhh... kenapa? kenapa??? bila tengok cermin rasa menyampah ajer... perut dah buncit, tp nak makan je rasa... senaman lak malas je nak mula... @#$%^&& benci..!

juwita dua tiga hari ni tak makan. er..ok... dia makan tapi sikit... tak macam dulu. sekarang taknak orang suap! O_O fenin ibu ni sayang.... cemano la nak suruh anak ibu ni makan banyak sikit... juwita ni makan dah pandai memilih! haritu makan kat ikea, selera pulak dia... dengan pasta, salmon bagai... bila kat rumah buat perangai balik... ish..ish..ish... nak makan sedap jer eh!!! nipis la poket abah kamu macam ni..

harini aku buat chicken chop with hainanese sauce and brussel sprout. c…


Lyrics | Beyonce lyrics - Halo lyrics

Everywhere I'm looking now
I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see your halo
You know you're my saving grace
You're everything I need and more
It's written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won't fade away

Hit me like a ray of sun
Burning through my darkest night
You're the only one that I want
Think I'm addicted to your light
I swore I'd never fall again
But this don't even feel like falling
Gravity can't forget
To pull me to the ground again

this song gives me goosebump everytime i heard it!
its very strong ; the lyrics, the melody, the arrangement, and the wonderful vocal of beyonce.

best song! love it!

juwita aisha dan ragamnya

this is my apple, my heart, my love, my juwita...

uh... my tummy.. mummy i'm bloated.. but i'm happy!

most of the time she is a good girl (very good girl...) and behave.she always make me smile with her act and funny face... her laugh can always calm my anger...she is my life

yeay!!! i ruin the house!!



she can make me cry. she can be very hard to handle and 'meragam' whole day for no reason (well, maybe there is, but we have no idea what it is)

sometime she makes my temper high too... then i start yelling.. and finally i end up crying again... coz i feel really guilty yelling at my little baby..

breaky with dad.. half boiled egg; yummy!

but juwita,no matter what... i always love you. you are the reason i laugh, i smile, i cry... you really testing my emotion. n i doesn't care. coz you are part of me.

juwita love camera, and camera love her too! posing from next top model...


schedule full + demam selesema

minggu ni kena demam selesema pulak. tambah dengan sakit tekak, dan sakit-sakit badan... kepala pon sakit jugak. aduhai... dugaan betul...

dulu ustazah masa sekolah tadika pernah cakap, bila kita demam, maknanya tuhan sayang kat kita.
kalau kita ada dosa, tuhan akan padamkan dosa2 kecil kita..
kalau kita dekat dengan tuhan, demam tu sebagai ujian supaya kita lebih dekat pada tuhan.
kalau selama ni kita alpa, demam buat kita ingat tuhan semula.
kalau selama ni kita selalu berzikir, masa demam banyakkan lah lagi zikir...
pendek kata, demam tu maknanya tuhan sayang pada kita.
tuhan nak hapus dosa + tuhan nak kita dapat banyak pahala.
juga sebagai peringatan sebab selama ni kita lalai dan lupa padanya...

ok. habis bab muhasabah diri... schedule ku penuh sekarang! bukan penuh ape, tapi penuh dengan jemputan kahwin dan segala macam jemputan! haha!!! cuti sekolah kan... orang melayu suka la buat kenduri kawin... semua orang dah kawen... hehe...

22-24 mei : balik palong (kampung hubby)
24 mei : kenduri…

cupcake chic @ the curve

the packaging really nice & adorable! they do take order for special occation too!

It was my second time i ate cupcake chic. 1st time was like last month. very delicious!! i ate there, my choice was 24 carat (carrot walnut cake with lime cheese frosting! yummy!!) thats my fav' so far. the carrot cake really moist, full loaded with mix fruit, carrot, and walnut. the frosting, cheesy with a taste of lime... nicely melt on your mouth! i love it!

so, second time i went to cupcake chic, i thought i wanna try something else.. so i took on cloud 9 (chocolate marshmallow cake w' chocolate frosting) and peaches n cream (peach cake w' cream chantilly & almond flakes)... its just ok... hehe... still prefer 24 carat.

black & white combination : on cloud 9 + peaches n cream

next time... i wanna try other flavor! persian love sound really good! and the color is pink! i must try it next time. persian love describe the cupcake is pistachio cake with rosewater frosting. i wonder h…

facial care and make over from mary kay

last week, i experienced facial care and make over from mary kay. Basically, mary kay representative will come to your place (in my case, she came to my house), and they will do facial and makeup for FREE!!! yes girl.. who doesn't like free stuff rite! me either. thats why i called her! hehe...

as i said, its free. All you have to do is just give them some time to promote and tell about mary kay product. They will never push you! believe my word. they will never push you.. if you are not interested to join mary kay, they still give you sample and chance to wear their facial and make up. :) i like!!!

me... the phantom of the opera...

this is me during facial. wearin' a mask half face to see the difference before and aftter facial. the result.... wallah!!! my face is brighter, lifted and fell soft & plump!! this product really good. i love it.

on lips, i apply lip mask... the result is my lip became softer (kulit2 mati semua hilang!). they claim it will make your lip pinkish if …

contest over! i reveal the answer and winner!!

my mother's day present from hubby :)

my giveaway contest is over!!! yey!!! so here i want to reveal my mother's day present from hubby!as i said, its cheap, from ikea.. i use it everytime i cook! haha... so here it is....






my new charming apron

its an apron!!!!

so we have a winner!!! 2 lucky winner!!



congratulation to
baby farid & miu!!!

your giveaway will be post out on monday! i will contact you for address confirmation, ya.. those who are curious about my giveaway, i will reveal it on my next post! enough for now... daaa...

my giveaway to you all EXTANDED!!!


less than 24 hours, someone already guessing right! OMG... am i giving too much clue? or my question is too easy? hahaa... i guess i just too kind...



i wanna EXTENT my giveaway!!! yeay!!!!

b4 this, i mentioned 1st person who guessing right will win. Now, i'm announcing that WHOEVER can guess it right ( no matter how many reader will be) will get a giveaway!!! yes girl... you read it right.. NO MATTER HOW MANY READER!!

new clue for today.... someone already answer it right!

woh.. i am too kind.. maybe i just wanna give you all a giveaway... theehehee...

this is just my simple appreciation to my fellow loyal reader...

gud luck!

my mother's day + my giveaway for you all!!

hi all! i am very happy today. So, i'm planning to give 1 lucky reader a giveaway!! how to be lucky? simple. just read my mother's day experience below, and answer my simple question!

hadiah? haha... i will tell you later! ^_^

last sunday, my hubby and juwita celebrated me for being a mother!

start on lunch, my hubby decide to cook (err... with my instructions actually, but he's doing great!). My hubby cook his favourite menu which is talapia goreng bercili. I dun like talapia, especially talapia kolam ni... rasa hanyir ek.. ke perasaan aku jer...

kami keluar rumah agak petang juga.. about 7p.m... gi mana lagi, the curve lah! :)

so, that night, we have dinner at vivo restaurant. best! dah lama usha vivo nih... unfortunately, my camera out of bateries :( so i can't snap our meal that night... my hubby ordered spagetti meatball, while i enjoyed my grill bbq chicken chop, compliment with fries and coleslaw. mmm yummy!!! i love it! thank dear... I LOVE YOU.... oh ya... btw, juw…

snap shot gathering (part 2)

ok. part 2 dah mula... banyak sangat gambar yang ada, so kita together-gether kan gambar tu lah...

anyway, hope you all enjoy with the picture. :)

some of the participant

next time buat gathering jgn serik jemput kami sekeluarga lagik!! theehehee...

a collection of juwitas'... she really having fun that day! maklumlah, jarang jumpa kawan ramai mcm tu... selalu tgk muka ibu dgn abah dia ni jer... (tu lah, tak masuk kindergarden lagi...)

meh tgk ape budak kenit ni buat hari tu....

gathering bod

part of the crowd. picnic above the hill :)

anak-anak yang kebulor & kehausan, mommy sibuk gather2..

what : gathering bod parenting
where : taman tasik titiwangsa
when : saturday 9 may 2009
who : members of parenting bod @

total up 14 family if i'm not mistaken. most comes with kids, baby, and also husband, maid, sister...

theme : oren ceria
food : pot luck

the verdict : its gonna be fun, exciting with lots and lots of delicious food!

overview :
great!!! this is the 1st time i joint gathering held by online forum. its exactly like what i thought it would be! all the people are nice, friendly, and exciting. The food also very good. and the orange color theme really stand out the crowd!!

conclusion & hope :
this is a very good activities for moms, kids, and hubby. well, sape tak suka gather2, get to know each other, and at the same time serves with delicious food rite! i hope gathering bod parenting can be organise again next time, on different place perhaps?! bes…

happy birthday rauf!!!

rauf (in white shirt) with wahed. kenyang nampak! diet! :P

walaupon hari ini aku sibuk dirai dek kerana hari ibu, aku tak lupa bahawa di hari yang sama ini... iaitu pada tanggal 10 may adalah hari ulangtahun kelahiran rauf!!! yeay!!!

happy birthday.... to you...happy birthday.... to you...happy birthday to.... rauf...happy birthday.... to you...
happy birthday rauf! may Allah bless you and i hope you have a wonderful life in Australia this year!

this is the first time rauf celebrates his birthday in australia. New experience should be fun and interesting, ya? Tapi bagi kami disini, rindu tetap rindu.. hanya kata-kata buat pengganti diri dan hadiah (tak 'dan nak pos hadiah ko hehe).

p/s- mmm bila agaknya rauf dapat balik malaysia... takkan tak balik langsung sampai tamat studi kot...

3 mothers in my life

25 tahun hidup ku ini (25 tahun ker? macam tak percaya je) aku bertuah sebab ada 3 ibu dalam sepanjang hidup.

1. ibu kandungku.hobi dia buat kek dan roti. so, dia jadikan hobinya sebagai kerjaya.. dia bukak kedai kek dan roti di bandar jasin. maka lahirlah kedai kek kesang. i personally admire her for that! only a courage woman will do the same as she do. she quit her pro- job (account teacher at MRSM jasin) and start her own business. thats huge man!!! not everyone bold enough to quit a stable job and chase her dream job! she is really strong mentally and physically (well, peralatan kat kedai tu berat2 belaka ok...) not to forget, dia yang mengandung dan melahirkan ku di dunia ini... dan dia juga yang membiaya pelajaranku selama ini.
ibu ku di kedai kek nya... asyik membuat roti

2. ibu asuhankusejak aku berusia 40 hari, aku telah dihantar ke rumah mak betah untuk diasuh. (macam nabi muhammad, kan dihantar ke ibu susuan). Tapi ni bukan ibu susuan, mak betah adalah ibu pengasuh ku. Ibu ya…

mother's day giveaway!

this is a contest by alicewonders.comi got email from mombloggersplanet last week, and i immediately decided to enter. then i forget!until tonight, i check my old email and remember about this contest again!! actually its not so difficult to enter...

1st, enter alicewonders website, then choose your favourite bag/ bag that you wish to win, and save the link.

then, just continue the phrase given and post it to momsbloggerplanet comment! don't forget to link them the bag of your choice :)

finally, If you have blog, you can blog about this contest and link it back to and!! (just like i did! :) )

Me needs a new bag for Mother’s Day because …..
mother's day this year is sooo special to me as i am now a mother of 1 year old baby girl. All this time, i am searching for a trendy, chic, huge bag to put all my assentials, makeups and all my baby stuff. I want a carryall/ diapers bag that doesn't look like a boring baby bag. uhh... the search is …

juwita and me.

this is me with juwita... alalalalaaaa.... comey anak ibu.... :)

bare face VS transformation!

urgghh.... bare face... i dare not see my face like this... but for you all, i reveal my REEAALL face! hate to say but it pale, and ugly, and pale and ugly...and pale.....

my face look like indonesian maid @_@

the transform!!! tadaaa..... after the touch of fairy godmother! thanks many to the invation of makeup! (whoever the founder of makeup, they really understand woman).

now its me... i mean 'real me' that u always see... not me as a maid...

now i am glow, radiance, delicious, and healthy.... mmmm.....

a bit of camwhore... nahhh... just to show some color in my face :P

product i use:
makeup base : avon glow n radiance in pink
foundation : clinique (natural)
e/s : revlon wet/dry shadow brazen berry
mascara : maybelline unstoppable black
liner : no brand (mom gave)
cheek : avon crushed rose
lip : avon crushed rose + maybelline fruity jelly (wonder berry)
highlighter : beauty de kose (book palette)

well... this is just my routine makeup. makeup paling simple utk pergi shopping kat tesc…

my dream....... dreaming ker?

what i dream about? tahu tak apa yg saya selalu harapkan tiap2 hari?

tiap2 hari, saya selalu harapkan satu petang yang indah, duduk dirumah dan menikmati secawan teh dengan hubby tersayang sambil menikmati hari petang bersama, borak2 kosong, bergurau senda....

tapi macam yang sy cakap tadi, that's just my day dreaming... mimpila kau dayah....

apa nak buat, hubby kerja kuat, sibuk. kerap balik malam.. kalau balik awal pon dia dah letih. then, mesti dia lepak depan komputer (what to say, dia lagi suka mcm tu)


mimpi tinggal mimpi la....


i will never give up with my dream...

i know, someday... this might happen... :)

but, somtime i still feel sedey.... lonely...

i miss my husband... alot! :(

tag dari jimi.. :)

bestnye dapat tag... bestnye ada kawan yg teror design nih... aku walaupon budak design, tp dah lama bersara... hehe... still rasa kagum tgk hasil tangan jimi ni... sejak study dulu dia punya stroke mmg marbeles! thx a lot jimi.

more about his design and stroke here

looking for a perfect makeup base!

i am looking for a perfect makeup base... prefer a tinted moisturiser, or a very light weight liquid foundation! any suggestion?

i have a few brand in mind...

1. stilailluminating tinted moisturiser (didn't try it yet..but good review from others. not sure still have shade that suit my skin tone or not..)
one of stila best product!

2. ZA tinted moisturizer (use it long time ago, when i'm a student coz its cheap :P and very lightweight!) i love it! but now want to try other brand...
my old time fav. should i just stick to this?

3. elianto BB cream (anyone have use it? good or not? elianto girl recommend it to me)more info here
new product from elianto - BB cream

4. body shopMoisture Foundation SPF15... (i love body shop & use alot of their body care.. but never try their make up... any idea?) i notice their makeup brush is an award winning! i tried it on store & it feel sooooooooo soft on my cheek! theehehe....
body shop moisture foundation SPF15

erm... so many choice. should i …