bare face VS transformation!

urgghh.... bare face... i dare not see my face like this... but for you all, i reveal my REEAALL face! hate to say but it pale, and ugly, and pale and ugly...and pale.....

my face look like indonesian maid @_@

the transform!!! tadaaa..... after the touch of fairy godmother! thanks many to the invation of makeup! (whoever the founder of makeup, they really understand woman).

now its me... i mean 'real me' that u always see... not me as a maid...

now i am glow, radiance, delicious, and healthy.... mmmm.....

a bit of camwhore... nahhh... just to show some color in my face :P

product i use:
makeup base : avon glow n radiance in pink
foundation : clinique (natural)
e/s : revlon wet/dry shadow brazen berry
mascara : maybelline unstoppable black
liner : no brand (mom gave)
cheek : avon crushed rose
lip : avon crushed rose + maybelline fruity jelly (wonder berry)
highlighter : beauty de kose (book palette)

well... this is just my routine makeup. makeup paling simple utk pergi shopping kat tesco, atau gi taman bawak juwita jalan2! kalau x, i look like maid @_@
haha... i guess i cannot live without them. i will NEVER go out without at least some gloss & mascara! oh.. and also some blusher... :P


Miu said…
wa lah u miss anggun! say look like indonesian maid!!! make me laugh only with your choice of description!!

but i must say nice pink make up u have there!! so jeles u can make up so nice.. T_T i am still trying to avoid making my eyes smoky sob sob.

cantiknya ur transformasi!! post more!!
warm welcome said…
miu... u know.. i pernah keluar rumah without makeup, n 1 indonesian maid tegur i.. dia tanya i kerja rumah mana???!! huhuu... never go out without makeup again..

i think it becoz my fathers' gen. my great-grand-father originaly from madura (which is indonesia @_@)
warm welcome said…
correct me if i'm wrong...

i think its madura..

aunty nora.. please help me with this!
NBR said…
Yes, you are right Atok's parents came from Madura but Tok Limah's parents came from Palembang Sumatra.
Both of us got the dark genes while some other in the family got the fairer genes.
anggun said…
fuh... nasib baik betul... :P kalau salah bikin malu saja... hehe

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