juwita aisha dan ragamnya

this is my apple, my heart, my love, my juwita...

uh... my tummy.. mummy i'm bloated.. but i'm happy!

most of the time she is a good girl (very good girl...) and behave. she always make me smile with her act and funny face... her laugh can always calm my anger... she is my life

yeay!!! i ruin the house!!



she can make me cry. she can be very hard to handle and 'meragam' whole day for no reason (well, maybe there is, but we have no idea what it is)

sometime she makes my temper high too... then i start yelling.. and finally i end up crying again... coz i feel really guilty yelling at my little baby..

breaky with dad.. half boiled egg; yummy!

but juwita,
no matter what... i always love you. you are the reason i laugh, i smile, i cry... you really testing my emotion. n i doesn't care. coz you are part of me.

juwita love camera, and camera love her too! posing from next top model...



iena hamdi said…
hehehhe nak jadi mak ni susah kan... tak per... moga satu hari nanti mereka akan paham...
miji said…
sabar je la....ade juga ikut perangai awk..hihi
zZana said…
konfem bukan perangai ko mizi,, sebb dulu ko kan ketua tingkatan 5ibnu sina yg cemerlang!!hehe

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