looking for a perfect makeup base!

i am looking for a perfect makeup base... prefer a tinted moisturiser, or a very light weight liquid foundation! any suggestion?

i have a few brand in mind...

1. stila illuminating tinted moisturiser (didn't try it yet..but good review from others. not sure still have shade that suit my skin tone or not..)

one of stila best product!

2. ZA tinted moisturizer (use it long time ago, when i'm a student coz its cheap :P and very lightweight!) i love it! but now want to try other brand...
my old time fav. should i just stick to this?

3. elianto BB cream (anyone have use it? good or not? elianto girl recommend it to me)
more info here
new product from elianto - BB cream

4. body shop Moisture Foundation SPF15... (i love body shop & use alot of their body care.. but never try their make up... any idea?) i notice their makeup brush is an award winning! i tried it on store & it feel sooooooooo soft on my cheek! theehehe....
body shop moisture foundation SPF15

erm... so many choice. should i try new product? or other brand? or just continue using my old time fav?


Miu said…
add in another option

RMK's base, which I hear is lightweight, easy to use and well I got to know about it only from people around, my friends, online that RMK is famous for their base.
warm welcome said…
RMK ya? ok... i notice many people selling RMK product @ lowyat.net.. nvr try b4... eh, u went to RMK base makeup workshop b4 rite? so how?
Anonymous said…
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