new goodies from hubby!

mmm... my hubby is a person full of surprise, and he kinda have his own way of thinking and opinion.

my previous digital camera was Nikon Coolpix L16 . He bought it for me about last year. I love that camera very much. I like the exterior look of the camera and so far, i like the picture taken by this camera. The performance is just nice to me. plus, becoz the camera is thin, i can simply put it inside my handbag and it doesn't added too much weight to my bag either!

this is my previous camera.exactly this color...miss her...


my hubby have their own opinion towards this camera. he think that this camera doesn't perform as he aspected. He feels that the quality of the picture taken is low, with un-accepted noise and low pixel. he feels the picture taken looks too digital. uhhh..... i feel that his reason is way too technical for me. i just like it exterior look! (haha...woman...)


he sold my camera! wawawaaa.......


hehe... he bought me another one. this time... its Canon Powershot A480.

my hubby bought this model.. but mine is blue color. i think white looks much better.

my 1st impression... i dun like the exterior as much as the previous one. But, like my hubby said, the performance is more importance, and he proove it to me. yes, the picture taken look much much nicer and look more real! it doesn't look too digital (look a bit like cartoon) like my previous camera. we cannot see the pixel on the picture. The picture look like it was taken by DSLR!

although i dun like the exterior look... i have to admit... at the end, better performances wins!

TQ abg for change my camera with a better one. love u!


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