birthday wish-lish

sejak dulu lagi, i love blogwalking. and i realize 1 thing... most blogger ( i mean female blogger ya...) love to list down her own wish list. Doesn't matter what occation... some of my blogger friend have a yearly wishlish. She simply list down everything she want this year, and update it from time to time.. cool huh?

As for me, this is the first time i want to reveal my wish list. Just like my friend said, it doesn't mean anything. Saja suka-suka. Bukan nak suruh sesapa belikan pon... in certain situation, it can become inspiring to others and give hope to ourself. It also can be our goal and commitment. So.... why not, rite? haha...

My burfday is coming...( 3 days more actually, ticker atas tu mengong le). i have my own wish-lish

1. to join make-up class/ intensive make-up course.

like this one from red glow academy

2. Bobbi Brown makeup manual book.

need i say more? this book is a must have for makeup lover and pro! but i don't have it yet!

the book that i really want! its quite pricey... but very good investment. worth every penny (or cent)!

3. makeup set / palette

i love makeup, especially all in 1 makeup set/ palette! they are so handy and give a complete look anytime n anywhere!

this is makeup set from lancome. 1 of many makeup sets that i 'skodeng' all the time! i also like CD set, as well as elf n many-many more!

4. cupcakes!

what is the meaning of birthday without a cake? but for me, cupcakes will do better! ladies love 'pretty-sweet-little-cute' thing rite?

cute isn't it? this picture was taken from cuppacakes by +wondermilk
i always wanted to try 'em! all their designs are pretty n elegance

5. a day in a spa!

this is just in dream.. i've never been to any spa EVER! but i know it feels like haven! uhh... keep dreaming....

Spa experience! uhh..... relaxing and havenly feeling

6. wonderful dinner with great food at great place.

i love good food! indulge good food at great place never make me feel guilty! its truly satisfaction! once a year gal... why not? never make u fat laaa....

great dinner @ great place!

thats all i think... thx for reading my mengarut entry... :P
takpe la... sekali sekala...


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