dinner buffet @ halia; churassco grill

posing sebelum terjah

cerita lama juga ni. dinner sempena my 25th b'day yg lalu...

overall, the food here is marvelous!!! lots of choice; from appetiser, then the grill fish, kebabs, variety of rice, mee, corn.... kambing golek pon ada tau! and their specialty... the churasco grill!!! ayam dgn daging dia best sangat sangat! sosej pon best gak! (rasa macam tak penah makan sosej pulak kan...). finally, the mouthwatering desserts penuh 2 table, siap dengan chocolate fountain! uhh.... heaven on earth.

just enjoy the picture la... actually, masa mula2 sampai terlupa nak snap2. then bila churasco grill tu dah sampai (the waiter will serve to us individually :) ) terus lupa terus nak ambil gambar. hahaha...

kitorg mkn relax2 je... maklumlah buffet kan... masuk pukul 6, keluar pukul 8.15. ok la... tu pon memang dah tahap bloated habis!!! nak jalan pon dah tak larat siot. tgk meja2 sebelah menyebelah tu, memasing makan macam dah puasa seminggu!? OMG... kitorg tgk pon dah x larat... T_T

anyway... i can give 4.5 star for this dinner. plus value for money! RM35++ per person only! book now, must try once ler... worth it. friday n saturday night got kambing golek :)

appetiser + salad sections (yummy! i love salad)

table for desert + coffee and tea..

the selection of deserts were absolutely sinful! (but who care? we came here to eat, eat, eat!)

selection of fish to grill

this picture was taken from their advert

kambing golek!!! i luv kambing yg bergolek-golek! hahaha...

table of main corse... ada nasi, mee wantan, corn... also got delicious bun with soup

and finally... their signature dish! the churrasco grill! they served it right on your plate!

they are very generous in everything. its like eat all you can... the waiter offer the churrasco grill like... every 5 minutes?... like he can never see our plate empty!

another delicious meal here are the kebabs! fantastics! way... way... more delicious than pasar malam version! (i know, i know... not fair to compare...)

we end our heavy meal with a cup of coffee... (but i top up.. :P thats make me 2 cups..)

sapa nak try lepas ni booking cepat2... sbb kitorg haritu booking tempat 2 weeks earlier! the rest is full.. unless u want to booking on weekdays.. weekdays biasanya tak penuh...


zZana said…
kat mana ni babe?
Noor said…
sime darby convention centre btw... lupa plak nk bagi tau ek..

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