finally! my lovely 88 color palette + brush set!

finally!!! bought this 88 color palette last week! soooooo excited! haven't try it yet (can't wait! but dun even get time to swatch it... takut juwita nampak... hancurla palette ku itew).

my lovely dovey 88 color palette...good review on internet + cheap! even pro makeup artist use this woo..

actually i ordered this palette last monday on with seller named missha and i request for COD. So, last saturday i met her on her booth at the curve flea market. (she's pretty ^_^)

i also purchase makeup brush at elianto booth! i dun know... i've been eyeing some makeup brush on its either PG brush set (RM80) and makeup shop brush set (RM65). Both got good review and feedback from user. Both are very soft, some made of squirel bristle, and others are synthetics... but i end up buying elianto brush set! funny noo? i dun know... i just wanna give a try... no pain no gain rite!

PG brush set. look professional. made from synthetics. very soft!

PG brush set with pouch. unfortunately i dun like the pouch....

makeup shop brush set. made of squirel bristle. very soft also wohh...

however, i didn't like the pouch either

BTW, elianto brush set worth me RM45! normal price is RM55 (now i remember why i bought this... termakan dengan sales rupanya hehe)....There's 1 thing i like about elianto brush set. Its the brush pouch itself. All the brush got their own pocket, unlike PG or makeup shop brush set... so the brush look more organize and well kept inside when we fold it! yeay!!

I'm not taking any picture for my brush or palette yet... malas je kan... the brush... dah guna 2 or 3 kali since i bought it. The palette, like i said, not even swatch it yet.. BUT, i will blog more about this elianto brush set AND 88 color palette, including all the swatches later ya! i promise...


iena hamdi said…
ammbooiii banyak nyer kaler dia
Sherry said…
wah nice :) macam boleh take part contest :) I mean makeup contest..
sickchild said…
weh sumpah nice gila entry ni sebab aku aritu ade gaklalu tgk brush tu am ade promotion.

so now tertanya2 harga dia and nak beli la nanti. weh am best je 88 pallete tu. ade lagi an yg 120 pallete kan?
hida said…
haah, ade yg 120 palette. pon ok gak.. tapi mostly orang suka pakai yg 88palette. sama macam coastal scent punya
sickchild said…
weh ko bli katne weh? blikan =((((

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