my PLUS SIZE secret past time

some of the reader here might knowing me as anggun/ hida/ togeh/ mrs mizi... depends on how and when you know me. But most of you all just know me about... this year? or maybe 2 or 3 years ago? or perhaps 5 years ago? i dunno... but what i'm pretty sure is most of you not even know me 9 years ago.

whats up with 9 years ago? 9 years ago i was 16. I was a shy, mute girl who not even talk to boys! or maybe no boys wanna talk to me? hahaa...maybe...

i never expose 'who i was in the past' like this before, so i consider it as exclusive! some readers here already know me for quite long time... so this picture is not a surprise for them. They saw me 9 years ago. But for those who don't...... just chill... relax your mind... and enjoy my past and present picture.

my special exposed past time picture. enjoy..

tadaa.... guess which 1 is me! i am in brown shirt and white tudung... can tell? i was bigger than my mom!!!

closer look of me if you don't believe

now my present picture, me as you all usually see here everyday...

ops... jauh pulak gamba... ala... korang selalu tgk aku kan...

me with my bundle of joy, my apple, my strawberry, my juwita...

i dunno why i blog about this. i guess i just wanna share 1 of my biggest achievement in my life. It's my biggest loser and my biggest changed i've ever done!

like i always said to customer, its not just a pil that can make you down size, its a changing of your entire lifestyle! And when you change your size, you change your life!


NBR said…
Dayah grew up. That's what it is.
adex-aieda said…
kalau dulu hang besau., ni hang kecik xper..
dulu ke ni ku besau...huhuhuhu..
sib baik dah kuar 2...hehehe

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