waroeng penyet

another activities last week! we try out this waroeng penyet @ the curve. tiap kali lalu sini restoren ni mmg sentiasa penuh, susah nak nampak meja kosong.

so, last week we insist to try it out! its actually on my birthday night, 9th july... BUT its not a birthday gift or somtin', just another family outing and chilling out after a busy day ^_^

hope you guys enjoy the picture! we otherwise already enjoy the food! haha...

the drink. mine was soda gembira (actually it is aiskrim soda bandung) and my hubby's teh sosro. ingatkan apa la teh sosro, rupanya teh dlm kotak indo mari maa....

ayam penyetnya... the chicken is very tender n flavourful! the sambal... marvelous!!! menyengat beb! it comes with tempe, tahu goreng and sayur ulam

the whole set we ordered. 1 basket of keropok enough for 2 and a baby!. luckily we just ordered 1 hehe.. we took 2 bowl of rice as well. RM1.90 each, quite pricey though..

overall, although some menu is quite pricey, i still find that its ok coz' the taste is good! they are very generous with keropok, and i LOVE the sambal. very very the pedas n menyengat.

i'll sure come back to waroeng penyet next time! still got a lot of menu to try :) but the ayam penyet n sambal is a must!


pakude said…
tempe dan tauhu dia best....lembut dan kental...!!
iena hamdi said…
kan mana ni... nak g jugak la.. nampak sedap tu ayam penyet dia..

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