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my love

2 ekor ni kan... mmg la daku sayang walaupon kadang2 bikin sakit jiwa huhuuu..

sabar je 2 insan ni teman n tunggu ibu sepanjang kelas makeup ibu sabtu haritu. pagi sampai petang tau! juwita dah la demam... thank you both of you :)

tgk dia senyum tu... cair hati...

tapi time geram tuh... rasa nak gigit sekor2 taw! hehehe... gurau je...

ala ala ala... ciann dia... sampai tertido kat taman... leteh ye...

sayang anak ibu... demam pon gigih nak main lagi..

sayang dia muahx!


tortilla wrap, chicken chop, stir fry beef, cornflake

warning! warning! this entry might lessen your pahala! huhuu...

this is my buka puasa menu for 1st day puasa (lama gile punya cerita kan.. huhuu). i bought this tortilla at cold storage. the filling is capsicum, onion, mix of ceasar salads, grill chicken breast, with some mayo n nandos sauce! wallah!! buat 2 batang, sorang 1 batang la makan. kenyang woi sampai sahur esok.. huhuu...

yummilicious tortilla wrap. sebatang potong 2, so dapat 4 pcs

so, sahur pulak masakkan hubby nasi dengan stir fry beef, sayur sawi. Sudah2 tu juwita bangun plak... so goreng nugget tempura sket utk dia makan...

stir fry beef with broccoli

nugget tempura for juwita

ibu pulak makan cornflakes + raisin... malang nasibku pagi tu susu dah basi T_T wawawaa.... sedey... so i end up eating cornflakes with guava juice T_T...

cornflakes yg menyinar-nyinar

this is chicken chop that me and juwita had 1 day before puasa. @ uncle lim... Juwita habiskan itu nasik.. with some mushroom gravy and chicken. so, ibu just eat the rest…

shopping raya spree!

yesterday juwita n me shopping for raya! yeay~~finally!

daddy sent us to the curve about 9.30a.m and pick us back home at 8pm O_O hohoo... terkejut tak? seriously all out whole day shopping huhuu...

exceli, i already aimed all the clothes that i want to buy yesterday (last week dah window shopping dulu huhuu, tp duit belum masuk kan...) so, yesterday is more like to choose the correct sizing becoz we already decide on color theme and everything.. lagipon mmg dah aim nak yang mana kan...(fyi, our theme this year is olive green-pink)

As for juwita, she behave good all day long, except during lunch hour she became a bit fussy sbb lapa dan mengantok. So, after i breastfed her she fell asleep for about 1 hour and after she woke up, we immedietly went to cold storage to bought nasi goreng and mango juice. Huhuu... selera betul dia makan.. habis separuh nasi goreng tuh. lagi separuh dia habiskan masa petang... buka puasa dengan ibu.. kat depan brand outlet tu jeh kitorang picnic hehehee...

end o…

sample goodies for juwita

juwita got her sample/goodies from dutch lady since she's turned 1 year old (that was 4 month ago). Her ibu (which is me :P) sent a sample request postcard to dutch lady when juwita was 6 month old (gatal2 tangan nak hantar). That time, she's still breastfeeding (she still breastfeeding until now).

when she's turn 1 year old, she got a birthday card from dutch lady. I was quite surprise! i thought dutch lady ignore my sample request LOL

Then, 3 month later she got a milk sample. Me and juwita was very excited with the sample (altho' we did not use it, coz juwita is still breastfeeding).

a week after i got the sample, i tried to mix the milk powder with a milo that she used to drink during breakfast...and guess what... she like it! maybe becoz the milk makes her milo taste more creamy... huhuu...

however, i did not plan to buy any formula milk for the time being (not until she's 2 years!) i promise myself to keep breastfeeding her until her 2nd birthday. That will be …

breastfeeding mommy nak puasa nih

selamat menyambut ramadhan al mubarak

selamat berpuasa esok hari... bangun sahur weiii!!!!!

solat tarawikh jangan lupa buat huhuu...

daku nak masak nasi siap2 nih... esok nak sahur. hubby ku makan nasi. daku?

macam biasa la... daku mana leh masuk nasi di pagi yang hening2 ni...kang nk kena minum susu lagi. sure muntah balik... makan cornflakes dgn susu low fat sudey... yg penting susu tuh... bior daku banyak bekalan susu untuk juwita esok harinya huhuu...

lagi kena makan kurma barang 3 or 4 biji... utk bagi extra tenaga wakakaka...mmm ape lagi yek.... tu je kot..

minum air masak suam bebanyak...

lastly... niat puasa (ni wajib dol...) dan niat nak breastfeed nih!!! doa2 supaya susu tak kering, badan tak dehidrated.

oh ya, lagi satu... mind set kena strong! yeah!!! aku mesti kuat tahun ini!! aku boleh!!! insyaallah...

all time favourite

this is my all time favourite.

teh + biskut ping pong/ hup seng

it can be my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner, and even my snack! i love it! as far as i remember, there's no way i can make my day without a cuppa tea and biskut pingpong. it become a routine, to have it at least once a day. macam gian kan?

but of course lah i didn't just eat it all day long... i also eat like normal person (well... maybe not too normal la.. huhuu..) tapi dalam 1 hari tu, WAJIB hokey, diulang WAJIB ada ini hidangan. most of the time, i have it during breakfast. Sometime for my supper or dinner... kadang2 aje time lunch.

sometime i enjoying it when i'm blogging! hahaha... seriously!!!

romantic pink

my makeup while celebrating my birthday month ago :)


muka baik punya

jelingan manjaaaa....

senyum sumbing keh keh keh...

product i use

face : elianto BB cream, revlon 2 way cake, elianto blusher (shade semua x ingat hahaha!)

eyes : avon brow liner (brown), avon pencil eye liner (black), shadow from 88 palette e/s, maybeline unstoppable mascara (black)

lip : maybeline fruity jelly lipgloss (creamy guava), avon 24 carat lipstick (golden rose)

thats it! simple aje... ala2 nude, pinkish, natural glowing gitew... maklum la nak dating dgn abg tersayang... huhuu...

i realize that i can carry pink and purple color nicely. thats why most of the time, i'm comfortable to use pink or purple color for my eyes, or even my outfit...

sometime i try to use green. I also did try blue, and brown as well... but i didn't like it as much i love myself in pink and purple!

Ray Ban sunglasses

ray ban sunglasses... ade ke orang nak beli nih? huhuuu... i advertise kan aje la ye..

price within RM700 to RM1k O_O
serius terbeliak mata ku when my hubby told me the price. i was like... WTH... who want to waste about 1k just for a sunglasses?!

but my hubby's answer was very acceptable and i mula buka hati dan minda about this 'Ray Ban thing'...

he said, " ni Ray Ban tau tak... Ray Ban... macam orang pompuan la... beli beg LV 5k++.. style kan... bukan cikai... brand nih... Ray Ban.. U know.. Ray Ban..."

ok, he's not exactly said like that... i dun remember what he said word-by-word, but the point is there. Having Ray Ban to men is like woman's desire to have LV! huhuu...

thats what i learn about men from hubby last week!

so now, anybody want to buy Ray Ban? for your hubby perhaps? simply just leave your message here :)
(i'm not a Ray Ban seller, and i dun get any profit by advertise or selling this Ray Ban. just helping my friend to do so. This Ray Ban…

tag dari mummy ayden - sekali coklat daa

Confessions of a Chocoholic
1. Kek Coklat kegemaran anda?
chocolate indulgence dgn white chocolate macadamia dari secret recipe.

2. Kek Coklat jenis apa yang anda minat?
jenis mousse chocolate dan chocolate ganache

3. Biskut Coklat kegemaran anda?
double chocolate chip cookies

4. Coklat bagaimana yang anda suka?
sebenarnya suka dark chocolate

5. Di manakah anda biasa membeli Kek Coklat kesukaan?
di secret recipe. kat kedai mama tak beli... ambilan jer hahaha!

6. Apakah mengenai Coklat yang anda suka?
saya suka makan coklat yg cair2, hubby suka makan coklat yg keras2 baru keluar peti ais gitu... biar krup krap krup krap ngunyahnya..haha!

7. Berapakah harga sebiji kek yang biasa anda beli?
kalau amik kat kedai mama, free aje. kalau kat secret recipe sepotong adelah RM6++ @_@ (x ingat harga, lama x singgah sana huhuu)

8. Adakah anda hanya beli sebiji cupcake aje?
paling banyak beli 2 biji hahaha! sape nk makan banyak2? hubby tak suka cupcake... tp ku tak suka cupcake coklat... kalau cupcake nak perisa l…

in search for a volunteer model

i'm looking for a person ( 1 person only!) who is willing to give her face (and entire head! haha..) to me to do a make over!

she have to fullfill the criteria

1. apparently a woman of course

2. if possible, have some skin problem (some blemish or acne scar perhaps..) but if you have good complexion also can apply, no worries..

3. darker shade. but if you are fair and silky smooth baby skin also can le... i'm a bit desperate huhuu...

4. available on 29th and 30th august 2009. whole day ok... no other commitment

5. can come to shah alam on date stated

6. don't mind her face and entire head being touch by an amateur makeup artist.

what's going on?

its a 2 days intensive makeup class at shah alam, starting from 9.30am until 4pm for both days.

its gonna be hands on makeup lession and some hairdo as well as tudung wearing technique by makeup student.

i am 1 of the student! yeay!!

now i need a model for my class! someone please volunteer.... help me please.....!

more inquire, you can …

i am craving for cupcakes!!!

i am browsing the picture from my lappy, and then as usual, blogwalking... search again and again and again... u know what i'm looking for?

a nice cupcakes!

yup, pretty, cute, adorable, sweet, and pastel cupcakes always cheer up my day (and my tummy as well! )

now i'm feeling hungry... and i want to eat cupcakes! huhuuu.... mana nak cari ni... ngidam la plak... huuhuu

from young baker, with fresh design. by

new design from cuppacakes by wondermilk! uhh.. i love purple... :)

another collection from cuppacakes by wondermilk. sweeetttt! sayang nak makan...

a little twist from cupcake indulgence. fruity cupcake anyone? look delicious

this cupcake does look adorable as well, although i'm not into fondant/ gumpaste type. its really pretty to look at, but i cannot gigit la gula tu... seriau je rasa hehe...perfect for hantaran, not to eat much...this from

ok. enough for jamuan mata... sapa nak ikut aku gi jalan2 cari cupcake?

1st garage sales!!! - kasut baby

cerita panjang pon tak guna. to make it short, i wanna get rid of these things from my closet. Not becoz i dun like them, ( i love most of it!) but my closet sudah penuh ler sebab i keep a lot of stuff that we didn't use! (we meaning me, hubby and juwita)

so, here's some...

kasut juwita tak pernah guna...
beli sebab kiut. time beli tu juwita pakai longgar, then simpan dalam lemari. bila try sekali lagi, kaki dia da besar, tak muat dah.. T_T huhuu... saiz dia 20 or 21 kalau tak silap. kotak tertinggal kat kampung. Beli kat parkson melaka mall...(yg depan jusco melaka tuh laa..). original price RM39 kot... (x ingat lee..)after less. new price... you offer me!

the cute kasut...abaikan buku belakang tuh ye..

tapak merah yang bersih

ada bear-bear kat tapak... cute! sbb tu ibu juwita ni beli dulu! haha... ^_^

front look... cute also..

any enquire can ask me on my chatbox ok... really wanna let go this shoes...

1st: becoz hari2 juwita akan ambil kasut ni n nak try pakai. even tho i already t…

makan kat joni

last week, lepas ambil stock kat supplier, kami singgah jusco kepong. nak makan johnny steamboat. my favourite nih... we ate there few times before, but got no chance to review about it. well, even this entry pon, not exactly a full review about this steamboat. more about juwita yang dah pandai camio depan camera. hahaha...

ok... this is what we ate last week.... as usual, just take the set for 2 person. i had my thai tea (my fav. too! cooling ah..) and my hubby had a sparkling juice (not remember the name LOL ^o^)

before cooked... i already finish my 1st glass of thai tea...

steamboat tgh di rebus... haha...juwita fav. is egg tofu :)

Juwita? she enjoy the steamboat.. banyak juga dia makan. i remember 1st time we bring her to steamboat pulau ketam kat ikano, meragam je... takut kat asap yang berkepul2 tuh @_@

while eating, she camio la with daddy

another pose... i wonder where she learn that...

huk aloh.... ni pe ke bendanya?! jilat piring! @_@

seal the deal!

i love bodyshop. its no doubt


see... i love body shop...

its just not every outlets are friendly to me. the curve outlet; booo... they just stare at me like what? i have no money to buy their stuff? blah la... i enter like an invisible, and out like invisible too... like halimunan...

personally, i like 2 of their outlet... 1st rank goes to bodyshop metro prima kepong!!! yeay!!! the sales are VERY ( i must say that again, VERY VERY) GOOD!!!! they are very friendly, dun mind to sample me lots of product, and even test the make up product on my face! able to layan my kerenah... and able to give a solution to all my difficulty (i always find it hard to decide what to buy u know..all good product, but my budget is tight). the SR they are very good in closing deal! kalau masuk sana, confirm habis ratus++ haha... so, A+ for body shop metro prima kepong!

my 'not-so-big haul' this afternoon :)
loose powder, concealer, powder puff, body butter

not so big haul pon, this 1 little baby cost …

1st singapore customer!

this is 1st time ever since i had start my online business from home (err.. bout almost 2 years ady..), i got an oversea customer! exciting kan? well, she purchase quite alot from and total up to RM200++ .

well, its just 4 pcs of inner wear and 4 pcs of sarung tangan muslimah... she made payment through western union (nasib baik ada hubby... dia biasa la guna ni dulu sbb dapat duit dari google adsense) and i only take about few minutes at cimb to take the money! yeay!

the not soo good thing is... i choose to post using e-parcel, pos malaysia (BAD choice!!!) instead "DHL - pos malaysia pos priority express"... and guess what... it takes more than 2 week just to reach singapore?! WTH!!! menyesal... sungguh menyesal...

the e-parcel only cost me RM19.90, while priority express is RM45 for the first kilo... mmmmjauh bezanya kan..

next time oversea customer, i should ask them either they want the parcel to reach them faster or slower.. haha... if they want faster, th…