1st singapore customer!

this is 1st time ever since i had start my online business from home (err.. bout almost 2 years ady..), i got an oversea customer! exciting kan? well, she purchase quite alot from anggunjelita.com. and total up to RM200++ .

well, its just 4 pcs of inner wear and 4 pcs of sarung tangan muslimah... she made payment through western union (nasib baik ada hubby... dia biasa la guna ni dulu sbb dapat duit dari google adsense) and i only take about few minutes at cimb to take the money! yeay!

the not soo good thing is... i choose to post using e-parcel, pos malaysia (BAD choice!!!) instead "DHL - pos malaysia pos priority express"... and guess what... it takes more than 2 week just to reach singapore?! WTH!!! menyesal... sungguh menyesal...

the e-parcel only cost me RM19.90, while priority express is RM45 for the first kilo... mmmm
jauh bezanya kan..

next time oversea customer, i should ask them either they want the parcel to reach them faster or slower.. haha... if they want faster, then more money lor..
however, this is such a good experience for me, in "handling with oversea customer" i mean... ( singapore pon 'over the sea' jugak kan...)

i dun know how should i react if another country show up... like from US or UK maybe? haha... confirm terkujat-kujat balik refer kat hubby hehe... sib baik ada hubby yg serba boleh... haha..


NBR said…
Tahniah for the slowly but surely extension of your business across the causeway. InsyaAllah ada lagi in the future.

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