all time favourite

this is my all time favourite.

teh + biskut ping pong/ hup seng

it can be my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner, and even my snack! i love it! as far as i remember, there's no way i can make my day without a cuppa tea and biskut pingpong. it become a routine, to have it at least once a day. macam gian kan?

but of course lah i didn't just eat it all day long... i also eat like normal person (well... maybe not too normal la.. huhuu..) tapi dalam 1 hari tu, WAJIB hokey, diulang WAJIB ada ini hidangan. most of the time, i have it during breakfast. Sometime for my supper or dinner... kadang2 aje time lunch.

sometime i enjoying it when i'm blogging! hahaha... seriously!!!


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