i am craving for cupcakes!!!

i am browsing the picture from my lappy, and then as usual, blogwalking... search again and again and again... u know what i'm looking for?

a nice cupcakes!

yup, pretty, cute, adorable, sweet, and pastel cupcakes always cheer up my day (and my tummy as well! )

now i'm feeling hungry... and i want to eat cupcakes! huhuuu.... mana nak cari ni... ngidam la plak...

from young baker, with fresh design. by mylittleoven.blogspot.com

new design from cuppacakes by wondermilk! uhh.. i love purple... :)

another collection from cuppacakes by wondermilk. sweeetttt! sayang nak makan...

a little twist from cupcake indulgence. fruity cupcake anyone? look delicious

this cupcake does look adorable as well, although i'm not into fondant/ gumpaste type. its really pretty to look at, but i cannot gigit la gula tu... seriau je rasa hehe...perfect for hantaran, not to eat much...this from bakedecorate2u.blogspot.com.

ok. enough for jamuan mata... sapa nak ikut aku gi jalan2 cari cupcake?


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