in search for a volunteer model

i'm looking for a person ( 1 person only!) who is willing to give her face (and entire head! haha..) to me to do a make over!

she have to fullfill the criteria

1. apparently a woman of course

2. if possible, have some skin problem (some blemish or acne scar perhaps..) but if you have good complexion also can apply, no worries..

3. darker shade. but if you are fair and silky smooth baby skin also can le... i'm a bit desperate huhuu...

4. available on 29th and 30th august 2009. whole day ok... no other commitment

5. can come to shah alam on date stated

6. don't mind her face and entire head being touch by an amateur makeup artist.

what's going on?

its a 2 days intensive makeup class at shah alam, starting from 9.30am until 4pm for both days.

its gonna be hands on makeup lession and some hairdo as well as tudung wearing technique by makeup student.

i am 1 of the student! yeay!!

now i need a model for my class! someone please volunteer.... help me please.....!

more inquire, you can just ask me.. i won't bite


Sherry said…
hi, blogged

hope someone will response to you :)

good luck!
anggun said…
thanks sherry :)
NBR said…
Dayah, ingat nak suruh Nan jadi model Dayah. Tapi kami dah balik BP pada hari tu lah untuk bulan puasa sampai raya baru balik. I hope you can find your volunteer. Good luck.

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