Ray Ban sunglasses

ray ban sunglasses... ade ke orang nak beli nih? huhuuu... i advertise kan aje la ye..

price within RM700 to RM1k O_O

serius terbeliak mata ku when my hubby told me the price. i was like... WTH... who want to waste about 1k just for a sunglasses?!

but my hubby's answer was very acceptable and i mula buka hati dan minda about this 'Ray Ban thing'...

he said, " ni Ray Ban tau tak... Ray Ban... macam orang pompuan la... beli beg LV 5k++.. style kan... bukan cikai... brand nih... Ray Ban.. U know.. Ray Ban..."

ok, he's not exactly said like that... i dun remember what he said word-by-word, but the point is there. Having Ray Ban to men is like woman's desire to have LV!

thats what i learn about men from hubby last week!

so now, anybody want to buy Ray Ban? for your hubby perhaps? simply just leave your message here :)
(i'm not a Ray Ban seller, and i dun get any profit by advertise or selling this Ray Ban. just helping my friend to do so. This Ray Ban are all AUTHENTICS!!!)


Simply said…
Love the Ray Ban Sunglasses! They are great for a casual or sophisticated look

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