romantic pink

my makeup while celebrating my birthday month ago :)


muka baik punya

jelingan manjaaaa....

senyum sumbing keh keh keh...

product i use

face : elianto BB cream, revlon 2 way cake, elianto blusher (shade semua x ingat hahaha!)

eyes : avon brow liner (brown), avon pencil eye liner (black), shadow from 88 palette e/s, maybeline unstoppable mascara (black)

lip : maybeline fruity jelly lipgloss (creamy guava), avon 24 carat lipstick (golden rose)

thats it! simple aje... ala2 nude, pinkish, natural glowing gitew... maklum la nak dating dgn abg tersayang... huhuu...

i realize that i can carry pink and purple color nicely. thats why most of the time, i'm comfortable to use pink or purple color for my eyes, or even my outfit...

sometime i try to use green. I also did try blue, and brown as well... but i didn't like it as much i love myself in pink and purple!


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