sample goodies for juwita

juwita got her sample/goodies from dutch lady since she's turned 1 year old (that was 4 month ago). Her ibu (which is me :P) sent a sample request postcard to dutch lady when juwita was 6 month old (gatal2 tangan nak hantar). That time, she's still breastfeeding (she still breastfeeding until now).

when she's turn 1 year old, she got a birthday card from dutch lady. I was quite surprise! i thought dutch lady ignore my sample request LOL

Then, 3 month later she got a milk sample. Me and juwita was very excited with the sample (altho' we did not use it, coz juwita is still breastfeeding).

a week after i got the sample, i tried to mix the milk powder with a milo that she used to drink during breakfast...and guess what... she like it! maybe becoz the milk makes her milo taste more creamy... huhuu...

however, i did not plan to buy any formula milk for the time being (not until she's 2 years!) i promise myself to keep breastfeeding her until her 2nd birthday. That will be the most special gift a mother can gift to her own child, isn't it?


absolutely.. the bestest gift.. cayalah dayah..

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