another makeup + raya haul

i can't live a week without shopping, especially makeup.

last week, i went out for another raya shopping trip, plus, enlarging my makeup collection.
here some of stuff that i bought last week... hav fun watching! coz i really2 hav fun by just wathing it :)

overall on what i shop. body shop, mac, naturactor, and anggerik avenue for shawl and anak tudung

At body shop, i bought 2 eyeshadow color and lash curler. i bought it at bodyshop SACC mall. eyeshadow is RM35/pcs and lash curler is RM21. i redeem my RM35 voucher so the total price only cost me RM56. yeay! yeay!!

for MAC product, i ordered with kak najwa (i got 20% off! yippee!!) so i bought shadow cream base and charged water (charged water seriously pricey... ori price is RM90!). naturactor foundation also i bought from kak najwa. 1 light color foundation, another 1 is for shading. RM35 each. :)

my makeup haul

close up sket! heheheee...

anak tudung anggerik avenue is RM35. its called tudung anggerik. i LOVE it! i was looking for this kind of anak tudung for ages!! its awning like, but not typikal awning yang keras2 macam selalu tengok tuh... it just fit nicely on my head. the material is stretchable, breathable and cool. eww... what can i say.. i really really fall in love with it! gonna go to SACC again and grab another 3 or 4 pcs! if i got time, i will review about this lovely anak tudung.

and finally, the green shawl. i dun remember where i bought it, but only cost me RM25. i also bought another baju raya at PKNS on the same day, but its not in the picture. its a chiffon blouse that can match with a pant or jean or sarung.

phew... girl.. i LOVE shopping!


Anonymous said…
kak..nak beli ngan kak najwa tu camner?

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