intensive makeup class!

me and nurul huda during class. huda is my model.

huda after makeover

yeay!!! finally i manage to join the intensive makeup and grooming by redglow. it was held for 2 day2; 1 day for makeup lesson and another day for bridal hair setting. it was fun and very educational! i learnt a lot from the 2 day class. lots of new brilliant tips and product reviews from the teacher (kak najwa and kak arlina). Both of them are very friendly and willing to share her knowledge to all of us. Thank you very much to red glow!

on the 1st day, i also got a chance to met redmummy! for those who is familiar with redglow, you must know that redmummy is the ambassador for redglow. wow... she such a friendly and happy go lucky person; just like her blog!

demo by kak najwa

makeup done! buat rambut pulak by kak arlina

my turn! my 1st touch that day. day makeup (earth color)

night makeup.(purple and pink) the dramatic eyes tak nampak sangat dlm picture ni..

model nurul huda.. top 5 covergirl nur beraksi

now officially, i have certificate in makeup a.k.a mengandam. So, now i can makeup for others!

sapa nak makeup for free? Meh la... i nak asah bakat ni..


zue_annie said…
wah free ker? alamak jauh la plak hehheheh

petite4 said…
yup free... nak asah bakat kan...

tp area dekat2 je la... kalau jauh kena la tanggung kos perjalanan pulak..
AmY-AdLi said…
wahh.. join klas redglow ke...
best2... nanti dah kaye sket nak try la join kelas diorang... huhu...
makeup free?? hehe.. nak jugak. huhu.
petite4 said…
amy xleh... amy dah lagi otai huhuhuu... i baru berjinak-jinak. segan lah nak makeup org otai nih
gerbera said…
nak jugak?x penah dimakeover lagi
AmY-AdLi said…
mane de otai.. busan asek makeup muke org lain... best jugak kalau org lain yg makeupkan muka neh..
huhu.. mane de br jinak2.. dah lawa da makeup...=)
anggun said…
segan la nak makeup amy... T_T

serius.. amy lagi byk pengalaman tau..byk makeup artis2 kan.. nak belaja bley? heh hehheh..

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