juwita's story

shining bright little star

she's now 1 year 5 month.

i'm soo glad that i still can breastfeeding her until now (7 month to go!!). i wonder how i'm gonna stop her BF habit when she turn 2. hmmm.....susah ke tak susah ke ek...

BTW... my little pumpkin now growing up just like a little princess!

- she loves wearing assecories like her crystal bracelet (i ordered custom made crystal bracelet for her month ago)
- she loves makeup and acting like wearing a makeup (like wearing lippy, blusher... influenced by me!)
- she loves looking herself on a mirror and smile secomelnya
- she have her own handbag! and wear it like datin wannabe nak pergi shopping (siap lambai2 macam miss world hokey)
- she loves shopping just like i do!
- she loves dancing! she dance everytime background music is playing on TV and even on daddy's ring tone

uhh... anak dara ni... dah makin besar yek...

i love playing with my towel... ibu, nak mandi air panas... sejuk i tak tahan la... (diva la kamu nih, juwita)

now she also

- kuat merajuk (tak boleh ditegur sikit!)

- pandai pura-pura nangis
- pemalu tapi peramah (how to explain eh..)

ibu mengumpat pasal saya eh...

sometime i feel that she feel lonely staying at home with me alone, especially when i've work to do and have to stay in front of my lappy. she will get agry if i sit down infront of my lappy. i think she might think that i'm ignoring her, and she feels bored.

ibu... i'm bored...

she need friends isn't it?

wanna be my friend, reader? (i give you all my friendly smile here..)


Sherry said…
so cute.. hehe. now big gal

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