time off! true spa jaya33

eh.. ehh... buat ape nih? amik exam upsr? haha... actually i was filled up the form and questionaire before i go through the treatment at true spa!

i won!!! i love you true spa and women's weekly mostly! i won few times on their contest!

ok, to make my story shot, i won the complementary relaxing back massage for 2 last month. it was a contest from women's weekly May issue, and the winner was informed by SMS in august. (mmg mcm tu, dulu pon pernah menang. memang dia announce 2 bulan after the contest end). The letter said i have to call to redeem the prize before 31st august.

I was dying to go!!! I really2 want to treat myself with sometreatment at spa! but, i got some small issue... my hubby was extremely busy to accompany me plus i had no idea where to put my baby. i become hopeless... until i day, my hubby said,

" yang... dah telepon ke true spa tu? dah berapa haribulan ni? "

I was like, ha...? betul ke ni? So, later i call the true spa to redeem my prize. It was on 31st august! last day to redeem! haha!

On the next day, they call me back to arrange the appoinment. the receptionist sempat lagi cakap...

"it suppose to redeem before 31st right?" then i said, "ya... thats y i called yesterday... hehe" so, i booked for our session on the next monday, 8p.m
I went there with my hubby, and Juwita as well!!

the VIP room has 2 bed, a sofa, shower, sink, and a jakuzi!

We got a VIP room, because we suppose to do our massage together, but since juwita has awaked (masa sampai tu dia tidor, so they thought i can put juwita at the sofa inside the room) we did our massage 1 by 1 la... my hubby start 1st... later, its my turn! yeay!

ni la budak kenit ni... dah bangun plak...

patutnya dia tido kat sini... huhuhuu...

my hubby enjoy his session. he was massaged my male. he said his hands are soft! theheehee...

overall, this is my score

ambience 4/5

services 4.5/5

(tip top! all stuff very friendly and considerate)

the massage 4/5

(best! relaxing and stress-relieving. i enjoy every moment!)

the pakage 3/5
(the pakage is good! members will got many benefit, 50% discount plus 4 free session monthly. it also 0% installment. but, only for kredit card holder. takde kredit kad, kena bayar lumsum ooh.. RM2k.)

suasana kat lobby / waiting area. while waiting them preparing our session...

uh... puas hati betul dengan spa visit kali ni. seriously speaking, if i have credit card, i surely sign up as a member that day!


Sherry said…
congrast you won, yeah dont waste it la.. lucky you and your hubby guna :) hehe.. so nice bb go along. :)
CheaYee said…
credit card? no n eed la...

as long got cheque book.... but have to write a few cheques at one go each month--

then pay instalment monthly la....
Noor said…
owh... like that can oh?

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