bodyshop haul - in pink!

another visit to bodyshop. I visit bodyshop every month. It's a MUST! like every month i hav' somthin' to grab there. this time, i seriously need to do some damages on bodyshop outlet. most of my essentials are finished! (can u believe it? semua habis serentak!) So, here what i bought last week.

my bodyshop pink haul :)

tak rancang pon nak beli pink, tapi secara kebetulan memang beli yang pink-pink je pulak. facial cleanser tu mmg i pakai vitamin E punya, so, pink color la kan... shower gel pulak, sebelum ni pakai olive, tp nak try yg lain pulak... jatuh hati la kat yg pink ni.. moroccan rose. everytime pakai rasa macam feminin sangat. i loikeee!!!

morrocan rose, smell really nice! 25% disc (n/p RM45), vitamin E facial wash RM45

yg eye makeup remover ni, sebab ada kat kaunter sambar aje sebab harga dia RM9 je (normal price RM12 hokey... terpengaruh la tu) tapi mmg ada dalam list nak beli makeup remover ye :) round cotton tu, ada dalam shopping list jugak, tapi tak de la nak beli bodyshop punya. tapi sebab nampak terus je sambar. Lepas beli tu terpikir.."ape la gila aku beli bodyshop punya cotton, dekat 14 hengget tuh! kat watson dulu beli RM4.90 je. kalau tak lembut siap la.." dulu i beli watson punya, tulis situ lembut, tapi bila pakai ya rabbi... kasar ya amat! yg bodyshop cotton ni terpengaruh sebab dia tulis situ organic. haha! 0_o penin...LOL

my crazy mind makes me bought this... eye makeup remover RM9 (n/p RM12) and cotton round RM13.90

n... lastly... somtin that i told u before, on my twitter... somtin small in strawberry flavor.... i dun wanna talk about it here, lets just the picture tells everything :)

ok... i guess you all know what is this... T_T

anyway, it comes in a nice package, in a good way, and most importantly, with the good reason. It's part of bodyshop campaign about HIV awareness. So, i just support them... dun bother if i use it or not ~shy shy~ T_T

see... i told you.. they are comes with a good reason in a good packaging :)

right before i left, my eyes catch somtin' really nice... its a bodyshop latest limited edition blusher!!!! its a trio color blusher. woah... nasib baik haritu bawak duit cukup2 je... kalau tak memang dah sambar satu. the color is really nice. i swatch it on my hand, n i LOVE it! i wish that time i have more money! haha!

serious speaking, i need to visit bodyshop AGAIN this month to grab this! i dun remember the price... (i did asked the SR, but i forget ady ^o^)
, but i think its about RM70+++ and above la... that's y that time i cannot buy it... not enough money maa...

picture taken from bodyshop websites. look how nice the color is! it's even look nicer in real, and with the elegance packaging, oh.. i LOVE it!

so guys.. wait for my next visit to bodyshop key! its gonna be a makeup haul!!!


Sherry said…
nice haul, useful one too :)

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