holiday cum honeymoon

i can't wait... everyday i count the day. i look at the ticker above and count again... funny!

noo, i'm not crazy. i'm just too excited to our next vacation a.k.a holiday a.k.a honeymoon this October!
"We" (me, hubby and little Juwita) will be going for a holiday at Kota Kinabalu!!!! yippee!!

i already think about what to bring, and what's not... my stuff, hubby's stuff, Juwita's stuff... i also think about how we gonna go there... i mean our "style" haha! should we styled ourself like the sempoi "back-packing tourist", or stylo mylo like "gwen stefani with hansome hubby and their charming son" turun flight? huhuhuu... i am so imaginative person... :)

Just by thinking about this vacation really make me smile and forget about all works that seem never end. Its really theraupethic and relaxing. i can imagine how wonderful and free i am during that vacation.
i want to be free.

free from stress, free from work, free from anything bad! and to get that on vacation, we have to be free. free like a bird!
dun think too much, dun worries too much... dun be too "regite" and terlalu ikutkan jadual (skema la nih)... just flow with the flow.. and you will enjoy every second of your time :)
now i need to do is to reserve the hotel... thinkin' about tune hotel right now... comfy at affordable price. any other suggestion?

*i wonder how juwita will react on her 1st flight travel... i'm soo excited as well! can't wait!


adex-aieda said…
wah...dah x sabar eik.....
eppy holiday eik...jgn lupa ole2 eik...
Sherry said…
hehe.. sure nice go holiday :) dont forget to grab another award its over the top award at :)

this tag will get to know you better.
Sherry said…
I think juwita will be happy go on flight :) hehe.. which airline you take? is it the air asia? kid burger better dont choose too hard to chew for them.

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