the lucky 5005 @ ceriterajuwita!!! we found the lucky 1!!!

wow!! i am sooo excited now!!! finally the number 5005 reached and the luckiest reader who found that number was.....


yeay!! yeay!! yeay!!!

Previously, i announced a giveaway for my reader. who can be lucky enough to get total view of 5005 during their visit on my blog will win a special prize!

so, here it is... i already have the winner.

She is Sherry! She's really lucky, and she deserved it!
Sherry is 1 of my loyal reader. If you notice, she like to leave a comment on most of my entry. She also visit my blog frequently. I had met her in person before, and she is such a nice person. This is her when we met not so long time ago for free makeover session by petite touch

and here is the prove of her winning.

click on picture for bigger view ya :)

To complete the task, here is her blog entry about her lucky 5005 @ceriterajuwita

After this, i have to announce the prize... so,



sherry said…
yay.. mlm x tidur baik pun lol.. bangun awal check :) hehe..
sherry said…
oh ya smlm I try guna explorer susah nak comment, firefox best utk leave comment at your blog :)
Sherry said…
nervous to know what I won :) must be best present for my birthday nov :)

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