my hubby, his DSLR, my feeling

my hubby is a simple man. but his mind is always not so simple to expect.

i remember about a year ago he bought his 1st DSLR. It was sony a200. 1 day, he came home, smiled, then the first thing i saw was a huge bag with sony logo in it! i was in shocked. did he think first before he purchased this? becoz dslr is not cheap u know... the price is like my previous monthly salary (err... long time ago la... now no salary... hehee)

about a year later, he surprised me again with his unexpected mind. He sold his DSLR! i was like... speachless. i just starting to like his dslr.. just find out that its really usefull.. i just realize that the picture taken by it was beautiful... he just simply sold it!

i dun talk about it anymore. malas nak amik port. if he ask my opinion, i just dun want to give any. becoz in the end, he still do whatever he wanted to do! so whats the point btw, asking and arguing with me? it just make me feel useless and i feel like my words are all rubbish to him. So, i just kept quiet.

the newest, he bought a new DSLR 40D. no more shocking moment by me. i guess i already can read his mind. i also feel that i can understand him more than before. he is such a stubborn man with a very strong heart (in a good way i mean..) I remember now why i married him and why i attracted to him at first place. I support his decision from the beginning he stepped in to business, and until now i still support him no matter what.

I am his 'back bone', you know.. how can man live without a 'back bone'? thanks hubby for everything. i love you sooo much!

*at first i thought i want to post a review about this canon 40D, becoz i found that the picture was incredibly good! then i was thinking about how to give puji-pujian to my hubby, becoz he's really gud in taking picture. but my post end up talking about my feeling towards my hubby lol 0_o


Sherry said…
man are stuborn!! :) yeah wife knows better I think no bro or sis know more than wife.
Sherry said…
yeah camera not cheap. me long time ago no salary too..
MeL said…
D40 dslr delivers great pics. my hubs pakai sony alpha, siap ngan ext flash yg tinggi tu. xtau pggl ape. tp quality pic mmg cuuuun. xrugi beli w/pun mahal..
adex-aieda said…
sib baik jugaklah...
hubbyku x minat bende2 remeh nih..nak suh bergambo sesama pon susah...inikan nak tolong amik gambo....jgn mimpilah nk beli dslr ni..beli ajelah camera digital yg tecik itew...huhuhu

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