my perfect breakfast

if i have to choose only 1 meal a day, i definetely will choose a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is a MUST for me. I can stay all day long without lunch. I can even sleep well without dinner, but i can't start my day without a breakfast.

Healthy breakfast to me is something very important. It must have enough protein, fibre, low GI carb, enough calories for whole day, and other nutritions that my body need.

This is 1 of my perfect breakfast. Simply delicious, full and complete :)

1 small bowl of cereal fitnesse' wholegrain honey with almond
+ 3 sliced peaches
+ low fat high calcium dutch lady milk
+ innershine berry essence

look delicious kan! try la... instead of having bihun or nasi lemak or roti canai, this is much2 more satisfying and fill up your tummy really2 long time you know...

do you guys having a healthy breakfast today? do share with me :)


Sherry said…
um.. healthy breakfast not everyday la.. for me :(
Sherry said…
the brand on the table um. I not try yet, how is the taste?
Sherry said…
I saw the brands at watson RM38 2 box. think to buy when I go again.
anggun said…
woah! that cheap la! tesco RM20/box!

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