selepas hujan, matahari menjelma

ok. biasalah, lepas hujan lebat mencurah-curah, mesti matahari muncul jugak kan. malah biasanya, cuaca mesti lagi best dari sebelum hujan. sebab time tu, matahari cerah menderang, kat daun ada titis2 air, kat jalan ada lopak2 air... kat atas pokok, burung dah mencicip2... hehe...

so, back to my story, i was under a bit strees and surrounded by a guilt (becoz of some mistake that i'd made). Now i'm ok. thanks to anyone who concerned about me. i really appreciate that. That particular time, all i need is just a support, someone to talk to, and a shoulder to cry. Thanks hubby and all my friends and family who cares about me :)

i usually like this every month, before my period to come, its PMS. But since i'm Breastfeed my baby, my period never comes. But, the PMS's thing still happen to me every month O_0 weird but true

Now i'm back!

becoz of my PMS-like unstable hormones, super duper emo, i'm not blogging like i should be... so, this several day, i miss certain stories and product reviews. i suppose to blog about it. Here the list of things that i hope i can blog about it by this week:

1. my second time haul at bodyshop for this month (check out the previous haul here)
2. my new suede boot (finally i bought it!) ( my review about my dream boots here)
3. sherry's prize for being a lucky 5005 ( here for the contest story)
4. v-blog (video blogging) about juwita. (i promised her aunt to do it!)
5. my cooking time! huhu..
6. makeup review and color swatch (kalau rajin hihihi)

kalau boleh, banyak sebenarnya yg aku nk blogkan. tapi banyak betul halangannya... lagipon nk maintain petite touch lagi, petite4 lagi... job makeup lagi, juwita punya hal, house chore, kerja hubby... ish... memang tak menang tangan dibuatnya. (kagum juga dengan kak red ( yang boleh handle semua tu dan still standing kan... she's even have a stable-permanent job during a days!

well, now i'm back. like i said before, i still need a vacation, walaupon dah ok sekarang hihi!

and to sherry, very very sorry to you. becoz of all the emotional things, i forgot to post out your prize. its already inside the car for 2 days... but i never leave house since last sunday @_@ itu pon sebab ada mekap session..

ok, see u all very soon!


Sherry said…
hi anggun, no worry.. the prize wont run away. :)

wah.. bf no period? umm.. first time know that.
petite4 said…
yup. ada org get period also. but my hormone... completely no period. also becoz i used implanon. so no period at all
Sherry said…
you got take pink pill? eh. aiyo.. forgot the name.
Sherry said…
implanon apa tu? oh pink pil is obimim
Sherry said…
just tried the mask tonight so nice :D

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