this boot is made for walkin'

my most fav' design!

i suddenly LOVE boot! anywhere i go, online or offline window shopping, my eyes are searching for 1 thing... a pair of nice boot!

killer leather boot! macam cat woman kalau pakai nih

when i read mag, things they highlight is boot! boots boots are everywhere. They are SOO THIS SEASON! uh, not to forget, miley cyrus wear a boot on her VC 'party in the usa' (err, ok... i am too old to like miley, but hey! why not, huh! she's also "in this season"! haha...

suede boot. ok jugak

Talk about boots, they are many type of boots.. either ankle length or knee length, heels or flat or wedges, they comes in leatherette, suede, faux... and with many many design and pattern!

i like this pattern

seriously, i cannot choose which one is my fav. i like them all! but when it come to buying it, price tag is another story....

surprisingly, there are some boots in a price lower than RM150! (which is on my budget, and reasonable to me to buy). vinnci have a suede boots with price tag RM159. (ok huh). while primavera with price RM300+++, same with other brand, mostly with price RM350 and above.

boot macam ni banyak outlet ade... nose, lewre... jalan je la kat ou... mesti jumpa

Believe it or not, online pre-order shoes offered more variety and much much cheaper!! most of the price not even reach RM200, and their verieties are HUGH!!! maybe becoz they are pre-order and direct from supplier (plus no retail outlet, no need to pay rental.. bla bla bla), seller can give the end user the lowest price they can get. The only thing buyer have to consider is that they have to wait about 3 to 4 weeks before the shoes reach to their doorstep (becoz its a pre-order, babe)

design berlubang kat depan ni, vinnci pon ade. rege lebih kurang la..

now, i'm in dilemma... should i buy pre-order shoes online, or ready stock shoes in retail outlet around selangor? rasa macam tak sabar nak tunggu 4 minggu kasut tu sampai, tapi kalau beli kat mall, tak banyak pilihan. yg cantik menarik menawan semua harga >RM350+++, which is not under my budget... help...

unique design... ade berani ker nak pakai? tp serius, memang gorjes lah!

*all pictures belong to "the shoe cupboard". they provide pre-order shoes from us, at lowest price online!


yang last tu bit ugly la.. macam bulldog.. hahaha tpi mmg unk n i think it'll look good on my feet.. muahahahaha
petite4 said…
uder ckp mcm bulldog, baru bila tgk... haah... ade mcm bulldog sket hahaha!
adex-aieda said…
nak pakai g mana toooooo?
takot adex....huhuhu
Sherry said…
boots cantik but cant in Malaysia umm.. maybe dinner wedding ok..
Sherry said…
I saw the boots so pretty but but but.. expensive must be the quality and material. My friend buy one cheap less than $60 and a time she wear botton rosak.
Sherry said…
wahaha.. saw your tweet surprise party 3am fuyoh.. must be syok :)

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