the weight issue

last week, i bring juwita for her imunisation. she's 1 year and a half already! phew~~

As usual, the nurse take her temperature, and her weight...

mmm... she's not even gaining a weight since her last visit there! (oh, btw, we went to klinik adek @ sec 9 shah alam :) ) still 9kg's, which is not very gud..

later, i feel like wanna weight myself too. So i step up on that thing... n guess what? i weight 37.5kg's!!!! i thought i am 40kg! wahahahaha!

then i manage to persuate my hubby to do the same. and... he measure himself 56kg's!

hahaha! we are the underweight family!

as for juwita, she got a lot of milk samples, since she's getting 1 year old, and will stop breastfeeding (plus becoz her weight issue, doctor suggest few milk samples for her to try)

but for me... no sample! haha! of course la kan... ni klinik kanak2...

my hubby is kinda high metabolic person. he's not gonna be fat easily. He love to eat, and he feel hungry fast. As for me, i am such a small appetites person. i love delicious food, but my small tummy cannot take more than i should be. i only can take about 1 portion of rice a day (if i have to). more than that, i feel bloated. Juwita is more like her father. She eat all day long, selang seli dengan menyusu, but... she still slim.

personally i satisfy with my weight, becoz i love myself as skinny petites person, but at the same time, i want to make sure my juwita gaining her weight. wonder how she will looks like if she's chubby a bit :) sure chomell!. My hubby, i like his body porpotion now, but, if he manage to build up few muscle... he'll be more sexier! (like takiya kimura loo) ngeh ngeh ngeh...


Sherry said…
hi auggun you can mix feed :) like bf and givng milk powder but depend how you like it la.. :)

wah.. all under weight here we over wieght la.. :(
Sherry said…
oh ya.. nak tanya the paed ada tanya. nak inject this and that x? sbb now ada byk vaccin baru.
Sherry said…
hehe.. ask your dear to weight lifting.. :) but must maintain oso if not.. dont hav later.. my bro last time maintain then lazy.. hilang muscle on tummy..

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