wish-list become true!

this week i am the happiest woman ever! 2 of my wish list (i listed it beside, on my blog) become true. Thank alot to my beloved, the greatest and the best ever hubby in the world, for making all my dreams come true!!! (cheewah... pujian melambung ni. mcm ade makna je..)

my 1st "wish-lish become true" is nice and comfy bed!

similar to this picture from ikea catalog. very warm and cozy rite! but my bed is divan

its a surprise! i thought he not gonna buy it coz he just bought an expensive DSLR. but, 1 night, to be exact, last tuesday, someone knocked the door, bring a set of divan complete with a spring mattress! weeee!!!! juwita is the most excited person that night. She's the person that "merasmikan" benda tuh.

That night, we all slept on that mattress, layered with our comforter

on thursday, we visit ikea after my makeup session. We grabbed a very comfy and pluffy quilt, magenta-pink quilt cover set, and a beige color mattress cover. We choose a bright and hot color, just to remind how bright our future together and how hot our relationship is :)
its give a warm and cosy feeling everytime we enter the room. that night, we all sleep like a baby. even juwita, x terjaga langsung!

my 2nd "wish-list become true" is makeup bag

a new home for my lovely makeup

this is very fresh story. panas lagi nih... today, before we all gathered at Herwan's house to attend wedding, my hubby drop by at dios astana bridal. Before this, he said we can drop by there if i want to see the makeup bag closer. I already saw the makeup bag on their website before.

So, we went there... check the bag... and i like it.... and he bought it! how sweet he is!

i am very very happy... i have a nice comfy bed, i have a lovely makeup bag, and the most importantly, i have incredible, amazing, understanding, supportive, and wonderful husband! not forget to mention he's good looking too!

i am sooo lucky! i am soo happy!

now, me and my makeup can sleep tight in our comfy own place :)


NBR said…
Bestnya Dayah, dapat benda-benda yang diidamkan. Semoga semakin berbahagia pada masa akan datang seterusnya.
petite4 said…
tq aunty nora :)
zZana said…
nak jugak beg make up tuuuuuuuuu

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