blue is pretty, but its soooo boy-ish!

last sunday, me and juwita had a fun day window shopping. We were looking for her new sweatshirt.... and there's some pieces that cought our eyes!

"mummy.... i look like a boy... sooo not me lah..."

it's nice isn't it? but it's blue!!! blue is no-no for her. she will look like boy... mmmm.... what to do... get the pink one lah...! hehe... luckily this pattern got pink! with a lil bit girlish details of course! nice!

booooring! mom, please take this blue shirt off of me! i want to korek hidung! gatal la...


Sherry said…
haha.. so cute! yeah blue is not so nice on gal.
Sherry said…
haha. I remember makeover I wear blue LOL
petite4 said…
u r matured enough 4 ppl to recognize u as ladies la sherry... my doter, if she not wearing pink, ppl think she's boy!
Sherry said…
your gal hair so short, cut?
en_me said…
aiyooo korek idong tewww..
petite4 said…
no cut la... only cut 1 time when she's 30 days old... i wonder y her hair growing sooo damn slow!

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