juwita's good time at genting

kecik je mata dia time angin sejuk bertiup... hehehe...

last sunday our family went to genting. Actually the main reason we went there was to bring ain (my sis, the PMR candidates, who want to go genting since her 1st time at genting loooong time ago was so call not so good trip) what am i sayin'? gee.... merepek sudah....

Back to story, 5 people in a car (yes! we drove there yall!) We planned to ride a bus, but when we reach 1 utama, the earliest trip was full, and the next bus was at 10.30... so we changed plan!

the driver cum banker (he's support the travel and food) = my hubby aka bro in law
the follower cum mummy = me myself
little happiness = Juwita Aisha the pumpkin
for a reason = ain the lil sis (which is not so little)
bidan terjun = dek ya the cousin

Becoz hubby did not bring his DSLR, we only manage to capture very few picture. Well thats becoz the battery was 'kong' after a few shot and this 'penin-penin' mommy did not bring any extra battery! (ntah ape yg dipikirkan).

yang ada hanyalah gambar juwita si pumpkin ni aje... oh well... she really havin' a great time there! just look at the picture.. that tells everything

bersiap sedia untuk main... amik gambar dulu

"mmm abah... gaya apa lagi kena buat ni.... adik dah tak sabar...."

mmmm budak kecik ni memang suka tempat2 macam ni. banyak permainan, luas, dan paling penting, sejuk!! hahahaa! seperti dunia ana yg punya laa... (cakap seperti gaya p.ramlee slang arab).

weeeeee!! gembiranya dia~

senyum.... sampai telinga! hihihii!

juwita also played the astro fighter, tea cup, caterpillar monorail, matahari, double deck carousel and many more games on outdoor park!. of course la she played together-gether with her mommy and daddy :) All this game is under family rides. We also went to dinosaurland to ride a boat :)

She tried the kiddie rides, the busy bugs as well, which is game for children 76cm to 122cm... hehe... the 1st round... she scared! and i was worried too. mana la tau dia tiba2 terjun dari benda tu kan... tapi rupanya dia duduk elok je... hehe.. she manage to finished the rides, which is i did not expect it! (ibu nya ni ready je kat pintu keluar tu, kot2 kena sambut dia melompat ke hape kan... hehehee)

n...her mommy? the only challenging game i played was the pirate ship! But i had a great time there, just like Juwita. I hope my sis had a great time too :) she even tried the flying coaster!

best la kan, sekali sekala ada family outing macam ni... hehe... lain kali gi tempat lain plak la.

Tp i suka gi genting sebab dia sejuk! leh tak nak naik genting, duduk hotel semalam, then esoknya checkout balik... tak payah main. pon dah seronok kan? tak de la letih kan? kalau main kat park ni letih la... hehe... letih kejar juwita ^_^


Sherry said…
wah heaven for kids, long time no go.. last time went is 1st world still building
miSz bEnzz said…
yup im n0t so little cuz im taller than u laa
Sherry said…
ya... play chase.. mmg betul.. weekday cheaper than weekend but.. say only.. la.. as we no time go and dear hate drive
dea said…
beautiful kid

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