tulip from aussie

oh, NO NO NO... im not going to aussie, (^_^)

but my bro is studying there... and NOOO you all wrong again ^_^'

he's not posted me a tulip from there! hell no!!

but last 2 weeks we chat using ym, he told his stories, while i told mine. We talked about weather, food, and even about tree and flowers! haaha! so, he told about his visit to tulip farm (obviously about few month ago, during spring. Now autumn ady, almost winter. see how time goes by....)

my chat with my bro... ni tgh citer pasal ladang ceri ^_^. cambest kerja ladang kat sana

All this while, i tought that tulip and windmill can only be found at netherland! Can u imagine how excited i was when i got all those picture? OMG... they are all sooo pretty! and importantly, now i can put my dream destination to travel is australia instead of netherland! haha... ^_^"

enjoy this beautiful creation...

yellow tulip

dual color tulip!

my fav! purple tulip :)

classic! white tulip. another my fav

ops ngee... happy couple... my bro n his gf, kelly. pink tulip kat belakang tu pon cantik

see... ade kincir angin... tp sbg hiasan je la kot...


AinSaniah said…
our bro were so 'bajet' !!!
Sherry said…
wah.. pretty pics, your bro and gf oso
Sherry said…
my dad going australia with aunt as grandpa coma in hospi

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