win a chanel lipgloss from miu!

the picture to judge
the caption:
super duper lustrous lip glass, soo in love with it, so much till i bring her to bed!

1st time i enter the contest from miu (plus size kitten). She loves having contest and giveaway, just my time is not enough to take part on it (or i just lazy todo it haha). this time, i want to try my luck!

So this is my try, me posing on a bed, with my lovely favourite lip gloss...

the contest require only 1 picture to qualify. but i cannot choose which 1 is best... so i just put the second picture here...

me with my fav lip gloss. revlon super lustrous lipglass in pearl plum


Sherry said…
love the 1st pic! :)

so fun... I might wan take part as I only blog it so far :)
petite4 said…
take part lar...! fun fun what
Sherry said…
yay.. dah take part. :)
aku ske giler lippies revlon tuh.. i think i used that time kat itm dulu.. upon your recommendation gak.. hehehe

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