Bodyshop LE eyes and cheek palette 02

This palette is a Limited Edition for festive sparkle makeup collection by bodyshop. Retailed price is RM89.00 but if you purchase now, this holiday-festive-season time, with herworld promotion, the price is only RM69.00

I find it hard to choose either palette 01 or 02 coz both are nice and beautiful color. 01 offer the nice and dramatic purple-ish and black color, while the other one, 02 palette is brown and dark plum color, more natural and earthy. I choose the later one, as i plan to bring the palette everywhere i go, so i need somtin more natural and less dramatic to wear anytime, anywhere.

BTW, the promo picture in every store shows the model wearing 01 palette. very nice isn'it? That's why i took a loooooong time to choose between the 2 palette. I fall in love with the purple one! but i need to choose the natural color this time... sigh....

promo picture is using the 01 palette

this is 01 eye and cheek palette

The best part of 02 (brown) palette is the blusher. It's very NICE! It is a nice peachy color, which is not overpowering the eyeshadow. it's almost natural in cheek :) i HEART this blush!

so, here is the swatched of the 02 palette. have fun

Limited Edition festive sparkle makeup collection. eye and cheek palette
black velvet cover with magnet seal.

this one is nice as well, isn't it?

it can stand like this!
comes with the sponge applicator, which i dun care... i'm a brush type

the color in my finger... nice and smooth velvety shadow!

swatches in my hand. The left side is the blusher

ok... maybe you all not safisfy yet... maybe you want to see it on face? yeah.... this is just for you all....i terlebih rajin harini nak makeup untuk u all key... :)

the palette is all in my face. nice natural look for day out :)

again... in my face with the 02 palette
the blusher is not very clear on the pic, but it really does look natural and peachey, just nice on cheek

the eyes... blend it well and here it goes!

HOWEVER, there's some comment about this palette

1. the velvet cover actually is not very practical. coz the the shadow and blusher tend to fall out on this velvet cover and make the palette look mess and dirty! and vetvet is not easy to clean up...

2. like any other bodyshop eyeshadow, i find it a bit difficult to blend because the shadow is too smooth and easily wipe off and fall out. I need to put A LOT of it to make the color more intense. But it can be solve by applying the eye cream base before you apply the shadow :)

BUT, it's still worth to get this palette on this festive season, especially if you are looking for a nice-beautiful, affordable-reasonable price palette (hey, it's bodyshop ya! at this price, it's a must have) for yourself, or maybe.. as a stoking stuffer for this christmas!

happy holiday all! (^_^)
hav a good holiday... and enjoy!!!


LiAnA said…
cantiknya color dia... wahh kena gi tgk ni..
iena hamdi said…
ermm cantik kaler dia.. tp akak ni tak reti la nak make up2 ni.. adoii kang kena amik kelas make up pulak.. hahaha
Noor said…
cantik kan? hehe... tp itulah... kena pandai blend color tu :)
Sherry said…
so pretty

wish have more money can buy :(

hehe... you very good with blend the colour me not good
Sherry said…
hehe.. I like dramatic.. :D
Sherry said…
natural also nice...

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