facing this lack of knowledge mom

yep!! my juwita is 1 year and 8 month and she still direct breastfeeding! 6 first month she was excusively breastfeeding, then she start havin a solid meal at age 6 month. Until now, she still breastfeeding every 3 hours (except night, she sleep straight 8 hours). She love to eat. She dun miss her breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner! what else can make a moms happier than seeing her child growing up and healthy. :)

Talking about breastfeeding, i am 1 of the mom that can be proudly said to the world that i breastfeed my own child! but, sadly say, still a lot of moms out there are not breastfeeding their own child, all because lack of knowledge and misunderstood about the concept of breastfeeding. even worse, few moms prefer the formula milk more than breastmilk, because she is working, and they simply give their baby a formula milk becoz they feels it much2 easier to handles! soo sad. pity them.

sometimes, it is very hard to educate people. Well, writing here in my blog is very much easier to do, but in real... when we face that "lack-of-knowledge-about-breastfeeding" mom, its another story. Some of them are older and senior than us. Some even have 3 or 4 child already (compare to us who is just 1st time mom), they are surely "lebih dulu makan garam".

If you know me in real (not just in cyber world), i am not kinda outspoken and i barely express my feeling or opinion towards other. I prefer to be a listener rather than a story teller. I choose to keep quite and listen, even if i have different point of view towards something.

But truly, i am not like that. I used to be outspoken and i usually express my feeling. It just.... when it come to a mother and child matter.... especially on breastfeeding topic, i shut my mouth. I know, i have a responsibility to educate the other mom who lack of knowledge about breastfeeding, but i just dun know how to. I dun even know how to start. And most importantly, they are older than me. So, HOW???

its not easy to educate people, and its harder to change people mindset and belief!


Sherry said…
yeah bf is best I am sick of seeing advertise of mom in the tv about how good is fomula, god knows how much they are earning and free fomula for their baby??
Sherry said…
every time I hear of the mama say how good in fomula is I sure feel that deep in her she is so sad that she cannot bf.
ibu wawa said…

seronok dapat menyusukan baby dengan susu sendiri. lama juga ye.

akak respect kat anggun...

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