rosken skin repair; feet and heel balm

somthing for your feet babeh!!

last month i won a rosken skin repair feet and heel balm from women's weekly (sept issue). As always, my hubby became a runner drove to KL and collected the prize for me. (forgot to tell you all that i won a surrogates movie tickets for 2 last few month, but i never use it :( soo sad i could never use it. I never watch movie since i have a baby). Thats why, when i got goodies or samples or prize (except a movie ticket), i was overjoyed! i LOVE goodies and free stuff!

so, this is the stuff that my hubby collected last month :) i entered the contest few month back becoz that time i had a very serious cracked heel and my feet looked very bad and ugly. However, i never expected that i won this (everytime i enter any contest, i never expect to win enything. i just love contest. Winning is extra bonus and joy!).

By the time the rosken was in my hand, my feet already healed (by itself! i started to drink 2 litres of plain water since my horrible cracked heel)
So, i just use this stuff once to tried it. and i like it! the balm is very thick, and full of moisture. i can feel it when i applied it, and it never goes off easily, unless you wash your feet after that. It has a smell of clorets, or toothpaste.. maybe becoz one of the ingredient is peppermint oil. Not forget to mention, another active ingredient is vitamin E.

I gave my lil sis to use it after she complaining about her cracked heel, and you know what... she love it too! Now my sis using it everyday :)

sealed pack inside to ensure the hygine of the product.
this product is imported from australia.

If you got a cracked heel, you better try this. The retail price is RM23.90 (if i'm not mistaken) They guaranty the visible effect in 3 days! All you need to do is some extra effort to applied it twice a day after bath :)

Quick tip from me: before you go to bed, apply the balm all over you feet, and wear a socks all over night. Your feet will be extra moist on the next day and ready to show off on a stilletos :)


Sherry said…
wah so nice :)

hehe.. I won the nuteen promo the sep issue too!!

aiya..if I know ask him help running 4 me.. but sure need ask your permission.

I go post office pay for wang post $15 send to the office to courier me.
hida said…
uwoo... rm15 for them to post it? my hubby lagi rela pergi collect sendiri la... hehe..
Sherry said…
yours which location, mine so far citibank KL mesti post if go spend more.
Sherry said…
mmg betul after having kid.. how can go.. movies.. kid scare of dark.:( tumpang other ppl care not so nice and I dont think they so responsible
Noor said…
ya la... collect at menara citibank. dulu senang, collect at pj only... now hav to go kl.

but my hubby sometimes meet client at kl :) so he can drop by when he go there
Sherry said…
hehe nice la.. he willing travel :)

pernah pergi uptown 2 x? I kalau pergi kena naik texi sbb x tau drive sana too far
Sherry said…
the curve x pergi lagi... scare go there.. too many kids ride punya.. nampak lari!!
Sherry said…
me use other brand .. eh.. forgot name. but lazy use.. but I try at night use then only tidur
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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