new wish list

i think right now, i should update my wishlist. Did you guys know what is wish list? It's something that i wrote on the left side of my blog, where i list down everything that on my wish right now. It can be anything; from my dream shoes, handbag, more makeups, to something bigger like kitchen cabinet, organized wardrobe, or even my goal and target in life i.e to open makeup studio, breastfeed until 2 years, and so on...

i notice a lot of bloggers (ladies, i must say) have their own wishlist on their blog. Some people (man, it is) questioned about the purpose of putting the wishlist on blog. I said, like i care! i take my wishlist seriously as my target. So, i dun taking care about what others will think about it. My wishlist is my commitment and my resolution, and i read it everyday whenever i open my blog. Yep, you read it right. I read it every single day, and slowly, i will try to get or archive whatever i wrote there, one by one...

i edit my wishlist quite often before. any wishes that come true, i will change the font color to red, and few days or week later, i will remove it from my wishlist, to give space for new wishlist to come. :) :) That's how it work, man...

and, ya... i make some HUGE changes on my wishlist. i remove everything that i already archive, and i also remove things that i don't adore anymore. I have some new wishes listed :)


do you have a wishlist on your blog as well? do share with me ya... most of the times, i enjoy reading others blogger's wishes... its some kind of heart to heart sharing, which i love it :)


Mr Rulez said…
dah lm nk gitar elOw kitty..sgt2 kiyut wrna dia yg lOrh..hehe
anggun said…
gitar hello kitty>? ade eh... hehe

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