maintaining weight during breastfeed is soooo much easier!

When i BF my baby, its soo easy for me to losing weight and maintaining it. It's like very effortless to me and i did nothing but my figure keep slim and my weight always 40kgs.

Now it's almost 3 months after Juwita stop BF, and i did not prepare for it! I mean, i do read somewhere, experienced from others mom who struggle on their weight after her baby stop BF, but i did not expect it to happen to me!

honestly, i am not a big eater, but since my baby was born (2++ years back), i never did any serious work-out! I was a work-out freak onces (i stop working out after i found out i was pregnant) Now, believe it or not, i started to google about effective work-out again.

It's not my weight is the problem, but certain area in my body is getting bigger and bigger! ( i know, i know, i suppose to continue my pilates and yoga on that specific area). No offend to Beyonce, i like her too, but seriously... i dun want to have a big bum and hips like her! @_@

gosh! i really need to get up from this chair. I feel fat sitting here and blogging!!! I need to work on my bum and hips!

My birthday is coming soon :) please make me fit on that skinny jeans again....!


Sherry said…
ask your dear buy you exercise equip?

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