why they are rich and successful?

something to share to you all about something. Last week, i tertengok satu cerita kat TV, titlenya, Duke. Pernah juga menonton cerita ini beberapa kali, then untuk siri yang last week, host perempuan tu pergi interview one of the successful duke at Singapore. He's young, handsome, rich (of course), and own a very well known and expanding company in Singapore, and yet very down to earth dan humble. (and yes, i don't remember his name, but he own 1 of the biggest and well known club/ pub in Singapore)

The host ladies asked him a typical and expected question (to ask to a rich guy btw). "What makes him become very successful? what make him a person he is right now?"

i thought he will answer like this, " work hard, not give up, always think big, not afraid of failure, not afraid to try something new, blah blah blah..." like typical rich man answered.

but, his answer is this, "any successful man become successful its either because they have inspiration, or because of their desperation. In my case, its desperation. I desperate to be rich because of my life"

i kinda like his answer!


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