I am 26, i have a beautiful daughter, wonderful husband, and i appreciate all of it!

Today i'm turning 26. I got a lot of wonderful wishes from all of my friend through online, FB, Sms-es, and even offline wishes direct to me. I'm glad that i have a lot of friend at this age. I still hungover with my old bestfriend, and at the same time, i make new friend through my blog, Facebook and forum. Proudly i can say, i have more friend now compared to 10 years ago. I'm grow up. Can you see it? (of course you can)

In my 26, i have 2 years old beautiful daughter. She is my angel. Enough said. Just like the song i recently love to hear every morning, "in my daughter's eyes"

"She was sent to rescue me
I see who I want to be
In my daughter's eyes "

I appreciate that god gave me this little angel. Through her innocent eyes, i can see how bright and puzzle my future would be. And i see how big my responsibilities, and because of that, i understand how i am responsible to my self., for what ever i am doing, i have to remember "there is a person who is hanging on me" I LOVE YOU JUWITA

In my daughter's eyes
Everyone is equal
Darkness turns to light
And the world is at peace
This miracle God gave to me
Gives me strength when I am weak
I find reason to believe
In my daughter's eyes

And my husband...

he is... what can i say... "One Of The Kind". He is a wonderful person that i had ever met. I'm soo glad he is my husband. I cannot imagine other man can do the same as he does. He is a good father to our child, and a good husband to me. It's just that... sometimes i forget to appreciate it. Sometimes small little tiny mistakes make me forget the whole picture of it. I kept concentrate on a single leaf that has a tiny mole, til' i forgot how beautiful the tree is. What i didn't realize is, all this while, the tree is giving me a protection from sun, give me fruit when i'm hungry, and give me flower when i'm sad! how stupid i am!

So, today, on my bithday, i would like to say, thanks to you my "big tall tree" who always be beside me rain or shine, poorer or richer. I LOVE YOU HUBBY

To my parent,

If my husband is my Big tree, both of them is my root. They are a person who always keep my feet on the ground. They should get a credits on whatever achievement i got on 26 years. I cannot be who i am right now without them. On my 15th, i was a national karate-do athlete, because my mother let me in (although she has a gut about it). On 18th, i applied Interior Design course in UiTM and my mother let it be (although she always wanted me to be a doctor, and my father want me to continue on accounting). On 23, i married young! (although my mother felt hard to let me go). My father is the one who did the "akad". That is one of the most wonderful and sweet thing i will remember for the rest of my life. I LOVE YOU MAMA & ABAH

To all my friend,

We laugh together, we cried together, we shop together, we share our secret, and most importantly, we understand each other. I hope we will always be together as a friend. Someday, all of us will have our own journey, our own problem, and our own life. But just remember how wonderful we were together. We were like a kids who is fearless. We hungover on studio every night, we slept under the desk, we ran from pakguard, we climb up to the roof............ then we all fall in love.

Some of us got lucky enough and get married, but some who didn't, doesn't mean you are unlucky. There is a lucky guys out there, waiting for you to notice them! Grow up girl, we are priceless! Appreciate yourself, so that people will appreciate you. I LOVE YOU GIRLS

To all my blog reader,

I hope you guys will always be my reader. I really appreciate all of you. You guys are rock! Sometimes i visit your blog, but sometimes i did not. Sometimes i follow your blog, but most of the time, i did not! It's doesn't mean that i did not appreciate your visit, i do! So today, on my birthday, I promise to myself that i will return the visit from other bloggers after this. That's my promise! I LOVE YOU GUYS

Enough for today. Thanks to everyone who wish my birthday. Thanks a lot. This year, i get more birthday wishes than any other year. :) Thank you guys..


~nak pi tengok eclipse :)
~tunggu pokok bunga dari uncle wahed


Sherry said…
I wish my sister is understand like you.. she so teruk asking my dad for money as he already retired and she forces him give money

she is older than me 40 already her
Sherry said…
happy birthday check out


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