10 things about me

1. I am a moderate shopaholics. I can't keep money in my wallet AND even in my bank account. i will spent it! The only way i do to save money is by keeping my money out of my sight. I will hide it somewhere, away from myself!

2. I have a very sensitive stomach. I got diarrhea every month, so i just accept it as a lifestyle. One way for me to get rid extra kilo's

3. I LOVE flowers. But sadly, i only received flower twice in my life. 1, on my convocation given by my boyfriend (my hubby), and another 1 during mother's day last year. Flowers always on my wishlist, but don't know why, it never come true.

4. I am a good listener, but not good in making a conversation. Some people said, " ada emas dalam mulut dia", but i will say, "bukan emas tok, ada berlian.." ahaks!

5. I love spaghetti and pasta. Any kind, but never make it fusion! i can't accept "spaghetti tomyam" or "murtabak spaghetti". Seriously weird

6. I never like mee (mee kasar), no matter how it is cooked. But i hate mee bandung the most

7. I love seafood, but i cannot eat sotong, except sotong goreng tepung. That's my favourite.

8. I prefer to go shopping alone, or with my buddy, either my sis, or my friend noural Huda. Outing with Juwita and hubby is not shopping.

9. I realize there's no color in my dream. I never remember the color of the shirt i wear, or the color of the horse! because it's actually colorless!

10. I suppose to do pilates daily, but i always skip doing that, and that's make me feels guilty about my self. I always feel i am fat.



~ isnin yang muram. Saya sakti tekak, suara garau, dan demam ringan

~ saya rindu kat Noural Huda. mana kau huh?~~~ nak triffle~~~~

~ adik saya dah mula deco cupcake. Ada bakat... Saya tak ada kesungguhan untuk itu. maaf~

~ Hujung minggu ni outstation. Kerja + makan angin. Dapat duit + seafood. :) cari hotel le hubby~~


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